Venezuela's Envoy Insists Embattled Country Won't Collapse


At Meridian Forum, Havana Envoy Embraces Warming Ties with U.S.


Trump Inspires Surge in Muslim, Hispanic Voter Registration


Painkiller That Killed Prince Part of Dangerous Wave of New Synthetic Drugs 


Washington D.C. Aims High with Rise of Hotel Rooftops


From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great, 'The Greeks' Has It All 


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Cover Story

Venezuela's Envoy Insists
Embattled Country Won't Collapse

a5.cover.venezuela.bernardo.homeVenezuela is in free fall. Despite its vast oil wealth, basic goods from toilet paper to bread are scarce, inflation is sky-high, as is crime, and Hugo Chávez's socialist dream is in tatters. But Bernardo Álvarez Herrera, who has personally lived through the ups and downs of U.S.-Venezuela relations, insists that his embattled country will survive this latest bout of turbulence. Read More

People of World Influence

Smithsonian Chief
Sets Sight on World

a1.powi.david.skorton.homeDavid Skorton, the first physician to lead the Smithsonian, is working to expand the institution's already-sizeable international footprint, which extends to some 145 nations around the world. Read More


At Meridian Forum, Havana Envoy
Embraces Warming Ties with U.S.

a2.cuba.pair.cabanas.homeWith diplomatic ties between Washington and Havana already a fact of life, Cuban Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas says the urgency now is deepening that relationship through economic and cultural exchange — and ending the trade embargo that has defined U.S. policy toward the island for the last 55 years. Read More

Convention Craziness

U.S. Presidential Coronations
Can Devolve into Rowdy Circuses

a3.conventions.hillary.clinton.homeEvery four years, America's political parties gather their faithful in respective conventions to nominate a candidate for president. The Republicans will hold their convention in Cleveland, Ohio while the Democrats will host their convention in Philadelphia. And if history is any indicator, political observers may be treated to some high drama. Read More

Backlash at Ballot Box

Trump Inspires Surge in Muslim,
Hispanic Voter Registration presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has railed against an entire rainbow of minorities, from Muslims to Mexicans. While his heated rhetoric has struck a chord with conservatives, it's also inspired immigrants to sign up to vote and battle him at the ballot box. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-ed: Obama Not to Blame
For Mideast Region's Failures

a6.obama.middle.east.meeting.homePhilip Gordon, a former Middle East policy adviser in the White House, likes to say that President Barack Obama learned three lessons from the region's unending turmoil. From Iraq: all-out American intervention to engineer regime change in an Arab country results in disaster. From Libya: limited intervention results in disaster. And from Syria: no intervention results in disaster. Read More

Diplomacy Verbatim

Sister Cities International Marks
60 Years of Citizen Diplomacy Sept. 11 marks 60 years since President Dwight D. Eisenhower launched a citizen diplomacy campaign initially aimed at improving ties with Japan and Germany. The sister cities movement has since exploded as more governments recognize the importance of citizen diplomacy in an interconnected world. Read More

EU Candor

Despite Problems, EU Envoy Says
Members Better Off Inside Club

a8.ais.eu3.homeSteering clear of the two most contentious issues of the day — Brexit and Donald Trump's presidential candidacy — the European Union's top envoy here still found plenty to discuss during The Washington Diplomat's fourth Ambassador Insider Series (AIS). Read More


Painkiller That Killed Prince One
Of Dangerous New Synthetic Drugs

a9.medical.opiods.homeThe recent overdose death of rock legend Prince has brought renewed focus on the dangers posed by synthetic opioids, laboratory-created narcotics tweaked by chemists to produce potentially lethal highs while skirting U.S. drug laws. Read More



It's All Greek

From Agamemnon to
Alexander the Great,
'The Greeks' Has It All

Diplomatic Spouses


Afghan Ambitions

American Wife of
Afghan Envoy Works
To Rebuild War-Torn Nation 



Artistic Détente

New Generation of Cuban Artists
Transcends Politics at OAS


All-American Effort

CATF Gears Up for Its
26th Year of Staging
Contemporary American Works



Local Obsession

The Dabney Lives Up to Hype
With Fierce Mid-Atlantic Focus

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