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G20 Leaders Urged to Mobilize COVID-19 Response for World’s Poor


Catastrophic Wildfires Leave Lasting Scars — and Lessons — on the Continent


Is the Afghan Peace Process Back on Track?


Michèle Flournoy Hopes U.S. Takes Pragmatic Path to Navigate National Security Challenges


After Botched Ebola Response, WHO Fights to Do Better with Coronavirus Pandemic


U.S. Races to Broker Egypt-Ethiopia Deal as Controversial Nile Dam Plows Ahead


For America’s First Female Ambassador, It Was All About the Work, Not the Gender


In Wake of Coronavirus, Embassies, Museums Offer Culture From Your Couch


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G20 Leaders Urged to Mobilize
COVID-19 Response for World’s Poor

G20 leaders urgently need to reconvene to agree on an enhanced and more strongly coordinated global response to the COVID-19 crisis. Although lockdowns are being eased in many places, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases worldwide recently reached its highest level yet. Read More

Cover Story

Wildfires Leave Lasting Scars,
Lessons on Australian Continent

As coronavirus grips Australia, the country has barely recovered from another crisis: the catastrophic wildfires that consumed parts of the continent. But Australia’s new ambassador, Arthur Sinodinos, is no stranger to crisis. Read More

Pandemic Impetus

Coronavirus Could Upend
Yemen’s Long-Running Conflict

It’s hard to imagine things could get any worse in Yemen, which was already the Arab world’s poorest country before war broke out five years ago. With the coronavirus health crisis sweeping the globe, however, experts fear the situation in Yemen could indeed get much, much worse. Read More

South Asia

Is the Afghan Peace
Process Back on Track?

USIP’s Scott Smith looks at what a few hopeful recent developments might mean for the peace process, when we can expect the vital intra-Afghan negotiations to begin and what, if any, impact COVID-19 has had on peace. Read More

People of World Influence

Ex-Pentagon Official Offers Perspective
On U.S. National Security Challenges

Michèle Flournoy, one of the highest-ranking women to serve in the Pentagon, talks about the litany of security crises facing the world, but when asked what keeps her up at night, one worry stands out: the Yes Men surrounding President Trump. Read More


Singapore's Coronavirus Cases
increase Due to Migrant Workers

In recent weeks, Singapore went from global success story in its response to the coronavirus outbreak to having the largest number of cases in Southeast Asia. Most startlingly, though, is the number of migrant worker infections in the country, which dwarfs that of the general population. Read More

Contagion Learning Curve

After Botched Ebola Response, WHO
Applies Lessons with Coronavirus

The World Health Organization was sharply criticized for its response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014. Today, however, the early reviews of the WHO’s response to coronavirus are much more nuanced. Read More

Failure of Forcible Regime Change

Academics Say U.S. Interventions
To Force Regime Change Often Fail

There is a long history of countries overthrowing other countries’ governments to get what they want and an equally long history of such efforts ending in abject failure, ranging from the American morass in Vietnam to the botched Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Read More

Why America Slept

JFK’s Analysis of Pre-War Britain
Offers Parallels to Today’s Pandemic

Published in July 1940, John F. Kennedy’s “Why England Slept” provides a template for how to analyze the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States in 2020. His approach can help us understand “Why America Slept.” Read More

Contested Waters

U.S. Races to Broker Egypt-Ethiopia
Deal As Nile Dam Plows Ahead

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam along the Nile River could be a game-changer for Ethiopia’s 100 million people, transforming their country into Africa’s biggest power exporter. But for Egypt and its 100 million people, the Nile Dam is an existential threat Read More


Blood Plasma Therapy Helps
Critically Ill Covid-19 Patients

The blood plasma of people who have recovered from the new coronavirus infection may help critically ill COVID-19 patients recover, a new study finds. Of 25 sick patients given plasma transfusions, 19 improved and 11 left the hospital, the researchers reported. Read More


Amid COVID-19, Traditional Recipes
Comfort Middle Eastern Communities

Amid global lockdowns and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, many countries are circling back to one constant: food. In the Middle East, there has been a revival of traditional recipes to unite communities through cuisine. Read More

In Memoriam

Yoko Elizabeth Sugiyama, Wife
of Japanese Ambassador, Dies at 66

Yoko Elizabeth Sugiyama, the wife of Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. Shinsuke J. Sugiyama, died Feb. 10 of apparent sudden heart failure at the couple’s home in Tokyo at the age of 66. Read More

Quiet Trailblazer

America's First Female Ambassador
Focused on the Job, Not Gender

One of the first things that stands out in the book “Mrs. Ambassador: The Life and Politics of Eugenie Anderson” is that history really does repeat itself. Were America’s first woman ambassador to return to the job today, she would find herself on somewhat familiar ground. Read More




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Standard Beltway Soundbites

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The Arts Go Virtual

In Wake of Coronavirus,
Embassies, Museums Offer
Culture From Your Couch


Show Must Go On

Arena Stage Transitions
To Virtual Events in
Wake of Pandemic


Sweden on the Move

Swedes Take Road
Less Traveled in
‘Smart Mobility’


Thrilling ‘Riffs’

African American Artists
Created Fruitful Relations
With European Modernism


Fragile Beauty

Recent Fires Cast Light
On Exhibit Documenting
Australia’s Unique Flora


Graciela's Mexico

Graciela Iturbide Captures
Nuanced Portrayal
Of Her Homeland

Diplomatic Spouses

Life's Ups and Downs

Colombian Ambassador,
Wife Serve as Longtime
Human Rights Advocates


Gutsy 'Pass'

Amid Racial Tensions,
Two Black Men Wait
For Paradise in ‘Pass Over’


More Than Decor

Canadian Embassy
Promotes Diversity,
Equality in ‘New Light’

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