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Are you a believer in free, independent press? Are you tired of new media taking political sides and pushing agendas, rather than reporting the actual news? Do you want to read more international coverage and support an empowered diplomatic community?

Then please consider helping us with a one-time contribution or a sustained membership. The Washington Diplomat has never put up any paywalls. Instead, we offer unbiased, unrivaled news about the world and how it affects your life. But in-depth journalism, particularly in these difficult times, is an expensive endeavor. 

The media landscape has been upended, advertising revenue has fallen across the board and publishing companies like ours are looking for new ways to improve our coverage of independent international news. People are on information overload nowadays, and many don’t want to pay to get it. However, there are still those who realize that quality news comes at a cost and they are often ready to help.

The Washington Diplomat company has published the flagship newspaper for D.C.’s international community for more than 23 years. Despite the onslaught of sound bites and sensational stories that have come to dominate our industry, we continue to produce insightful, thoroughly researched articles on world affairs that are not found in mainstream media. We also continue to be the lone voice consistently reporting on the local diplomatic community, from ambassador profiles to art exhibitions to national day receptions and galas.

But we need your support to help our editorial and web departments produce the kind of news that is valuable to you. If you contribute to our cause, your funds will go directly toward supporting our hard-working, independent writers, increasing the amount of writers we have on staff and helping us bring our digital product up to par with new technologies.

Would you please consider helping us in our mission? No amount is too small and nothing too big. We welcome one-time contributions or become a member with access to insider benefits. Membership levels include:


Whether you help with $5, $50 or much more, every donation is appreciated. Show with your support that you appreciate trusted independent journalism.

Attaché: $150 per year

Includes an annual subscription, signature hat and two tickets to an Ambassador Insider Series event.

Counselor: $250

Includes a two-year subscription, signature polo shirt with The Diplomat logo and two tickets to an Ambassador Insider Series event.

Minister: $500

Includes a two-year subscription, signature polo shirt and four tickets to an Ambassador Insider Series event.

Ambassador: $1,000

Includes a two-year subscription, signature polo shirt, hat with logo and six tickets to all Ambassador Insider Series events.

Presidential: $2,500

Be a trusted advisor and help advise us on our coverage on foreign affairs and the local diplomatic community. Join us for a small private annual lunch with the publisher, managing editor and an ambassador to be held at an embassy or residence. Tickets for two to all Washington Diplomat-hosted Ambassador Insider Series and conferences. Two-year subscription, signature polo shirt, hat with logo.

There is no shortage of news — real or otherwise — out there, but the useful kind is not free. Please consider becoming a partner in our future success. Even if you are unable to contribute at this time, thank you for reading our publication and we hope you can spread the word about our mission.

Last Edited on December 17, 2018

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