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August 2012

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Comings and Goings

Summer is a time of change, and turnover, in the diplomatic community. So before we welcome a new crop of envoys to town, we bid a fond farewell to the some of the ambassadors who will be leaving us:

Chan Heng Chee of Singapore (appointed to Washington in July 1996; also see cover profile in the July 2012 issue of The Washington Diplomat)

Fatou Danielle Diagne of Senegal (March 2010)

Carlos Gianelli Derois of Uruguay (July 2005)

Jorge Ramon Hernandez-Alcerro of Honduras (June 2010)

Renée Jones-Bos of the Netherlands (August 2008)

Mitar Kujundzic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (February 2009)

Audrey Patrice Marks of Jamaica (May 2010)

Andrejs Pildegovics of Latvia (July 2007)

Jean-Paul Senninger of Luxembourg (August 2008)

Sameh Shoukry of Egypt (September 2008)

Gabriel Silva of Colombia (in October 2010)

Representative Qubad Talabani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (October 2006)

Last Edited on July 31, 2012