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Mediterranean Oasis of Medieval History Embraces 21st-Century Innovations


Mexico's New President Faces Formidable Challenges Tackling Insecurity, Corruption


Elections in Europe, Africa and South Asia Could Overturn, or Reinforce, Status Quo 


Research Shows That One in Four Antibiotic Prescriptions Isn't Needed


Seventh Annual Winternational Embassy Showcase Takes Locals on Global Adventure


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Cover Story

Malta Evolves From Ninth-Century
History to 21st-Century Innovation — a windswept Mediterranean island steeped in medieval history — is famous for its Roman catacombs, Byzantine ruins and Crusader castles. But these days, Malta wants to be a leader in 21st- as well as ninth-century innovation by embracing new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. Read More
Also See: Good Knights: Sovereign Military Order of Malta

People of World Influence

Ethnic Violence, Graft Among Issues
As Nigeria Heads to the Polls

a1.powi.campbell.portrait.homeJohn Campbell, the former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, talks about Nigeria's upcoming election and the problems that have plagued Africa's most populous country and its largest economy, ranging from ethnic violence to endemic graft. Read More

Mexican Insecurity

Mexico's New President Tackles
Insecurity, Corruption Challenges


Andrés Manuel López Obrador won Mexico's presidency after promising to do in three years what his predecessors couldn't do in 12: end the horrendous violence and corruption that are pandemic in Mexico. Read More

Key 2019 Races

Elections in Europe, South Asia,
Africa Could Overturn Status Quo in 2019 are set to shake up the global landscape. The world is headed for some major transitions this year, with critical elections taking place in all corners of the globe, from Africa to Asia to Europe. Read More

Sri Lankan Showdown

President's Political Reshuffling
Sparks Constitutional Crisis

a4.sri.lanka.sirisena.homeFor seven weeks, Sri Lanka had two rival governments, mass demonstrations, people forming human shields around the prime minister's residence, punch-ups in parliament, talk of a coup d'état and a terrible fatality. Read More

Book Review

'The Empty Throne' Laments the
American Void Left in Trump's Wake"The Empty Throne: America's Abdication of Global Leadership" by Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay is an important book that chronicles the first 18 months of Trump's foreign policy. Read More



Winter Escape

Winternational Embassy
Showcase Takes Locals
On Global Adventure

Diplomatic Spouses


Belizean Melting Pot

American-Irish Wife
Of Belizean Ambassador
Touts Their Tropical Paradise


Stylish Display

NMWA Brings Rodarte
Dresses and Designs from
Catwalk to Nation's Capital


Layers of Time

Husband-Wife Duo Uses Word,
Art to Meditate on Past,
Present in Aboriginal Australia


White Entitlement

Studio Theatre's 'Admissions'
Wrestles with Issues of
Race, Privilege and Power

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