Diplomatic Shopping Snapshot: What’s on Ambassadors’ Wish Lists?

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Diplomatic Shopping Snapshot:

What's on Ambassadors' Wish Lists?

gift.guide.azerbaijan.storyAmbassador Elin Suleymanov of Azerbaijan

"Since I am very clumsy with touch-screen phones, I hope that phones with keyboards will still be available. This is on the top of my holiday wish list."

"I like to shop at Barnes & Noble and am somewhat disappointed not to be able to do so in Georgetown any longer."

gift.guide.iraq.storyAmbassador Lukman Faily of Iraq:

Holiday wish list: "Breaking Bad" on DVD

Where he shops: Eastern Market


gift.guide.new.zealand.storyAmbassador Mike Moore of New Zealand:

"I do one-stop shopping and [my wife] Yvonne does all of the shopping for family and friends."

"When I was the director general of the World Trade Organization, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas (by a newspaper). I said that a bottle of wine would be nice. I was mortified to read the story, when published, that ambassadors and heads of U.N. agencies had asked for world peace, the abolition of child poverty and a cure for AIDS."


gift.guide.sweden.storyAmbassador Björn Lyrvall of Sweden:

Holiday wish list: "Time with family, friends and a good book!"

Where he shops: "Politics & Prose on Connecticut Avenue is a wonderful store. Apart from that I buy quite a lot of gifts online."


gift.guide.trinidad.storyAmbassador Neil Parsan of Trinidad and Tobago

Holiday wish list: Watches, business suits and pens

Favorite stores in D.C.: Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt


About the Author

Stephanie Kanowitz is a contributing writer for The Washington Diplomat.

Last Edited on April 17, 2014