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August 2016 Homepage Cari
Scholar Argues West Ignores ‘Islamic Exceptionalism’ at Its Own Peril Michael Coleman
As Brazil Racks Up Bills, Many Cities Say Games Aren’t Worth Costs Karin Zeitvogel
State Department Moves to Protect Diplomats, Aid Workers Overseas Larry Luxner
Bogotá on Verge of Clinching Historic Reconciliation with FARC Rebels Larry Luxner
Done Right, Referendums Educate. Done Wrong, They’re Brexit Karin Zeitvogel
Sidebar: Post-Brexit Breakup Details Karin Zeitvogel
Sidebar: Boris, Britain’s Undiplomatic Top Diplomat Karin Zeitvogel
Country’s First Female Envoy to U.S. Tackles Migration, Impunity Larry Luxner
Survey Finds Surprising Rise in American Support for Muslims Anna Gawel
Study Cites the Fats That Could Shorten Your Life Robert Preidt (HealthDay News)
U.S. Cancer Survivors Living Longer HealthDay News
Rare Exhibit Uncovers Surprises Inside Propaganda-Laden Hermit Kingdom Mackenzie Weinger
Cuban Doctor Finds New Life Off Coast of Africa Gail Scott
National Gallery Honors One of America’s Greatest Collectors Kate Oczypok
Delicate Lace Works Take on Thorny Subject of Migration Gary Tischler
Embassy Showcases Murals of Country’s Vast Wilderness Kate Oczypok
BeBe and CeCe Winans Sing Their Way Into Our Hearts Lisa Troshinsky
Riverside Eating Expands Thanks to Yards Park and the Wharf Michael Coleman
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