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2023 Embassy Directory

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Putting together a comprehensive and standardized directory of all foreign ambassadors to the United States is a daunting task at a minimum. We have counted 187 embassies mostly in Washington D.C. We had to call each embassy to get biographies/ Curriculum Vitale, collect photos and write a bio for each ambassador that was consistent.

Most of this information can be found scattered all over the internet but it is not consistent nor is it complete.

Some publications have put our abbreviated versions of a directory, but they are often not as extensive. We took on this task to provide the city, the embassies, government agencies, business communities and other the best directory you will ever find. With that in mind, we caution you that this directory will never achieve 100% accuracy. As soon as this publication goes public, ambassadors may have left their post, embassies may have moved, and some details may be outdated.

To continue to produce a directory of this caliber and to constantly update it, we are offering a subscription to our online digital edition. This edition will be updated a minimum of twice a year online, and we will publish the annual hard copy each Spring.

Please support our hard work and purchase one of the following subscriptions.