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Op-ed: Want to be a US ambassador? Pay up.

As the Biden administration approaches its first anniversary in power, it might be useful to explain one way in which Washington operates, even though it has not changed with the transition from Trump to Biden. This feature of American statecraft, which is often misunderstood, is the uniquely American tradition of selling the title of “ambassador.”

V-Dem warns of democratic backsliding in COVID’s wake

While some nations have seen a significant deterioration of freedoms during the past 18 months, the pandemic’s direct impact on the vitality of democracy itself has so far been limited, the Swedish nonprofit V-Dem says. But those who run Washington’s top global development organizations aren’t waiting to sound the alarm.

Op-ed: Evolution of the pandemic

The woman in the grocery store was quite upset. She didn’t like wearing a mask. She hadn’t been vaccinated and she was convinced it was a conspiracy. “The government and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci are just trying to kill enough people worldwide so the population drops to a billion people,” she explained.

Global ‘changemakers’ mark 75th anniversary of Fulbright Program

A veritable who’s who of American and foreign diplomats, public servants, educators, scientists, musicians and artists came together Nov. 30 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program, one of the world’s most widely recognized and prestigious scholarships.

Op-ed: ‘Just get the damn shot’

I asked Dr. Anthony Fauci that question on Dec. 1, when the chief medical advisor held a White House press conference for the first time in months. “The endgame, which we hope and I think will occur, is that as we get more people vaccinated —not only in this country but globally—we will see a situation where viruses will not have the opportunity. what they have right now is to essentially freely distribute and freely circulate in society, both domestic society and global society.”

At 90, Haiti’s Ray Joseph reflects on a full life of politics and diplomacy

In the days and weeks following the 2010 earthquake that ravaged his country, Joseph—then Haiti’s ambassador to the United States—was a familiar face on CNN. And now, as the Caribbean nation descends further into a nightmare of natural disasters, political assassinations, kidnappings and lawlessness, this elder statesman cannot and will not remain silent.

National Press Club holds embassy press attaché mixer

The National Press Club (NPC) is no stranger to the spotlight; its members have reported some of the biggest stories of the last century. On Oct. 14, the NPC itself made news when over 70 people gathered at its Holeman Lounge for the club’s first official press attaché mixer.

Live concerts are back as Embassy Series thanks patrons for support

In its 27-year history, the Embassy Series has hosted over 600 concerts at nearly 80 partner embassies, and at the University Club of Washington. This gives host countries a chance to showcase their music and culture in the United States; audience members are invited to dine and interact with featured artists following their performances.