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Afghanistan's First Female Ambassador to U.S. Insists Peace Is Still Possible


Foreign Policy in an Age of Impeachment: A Former U.S. Ambassador Speaks Out


Inequality, Corruption, Other Grievances Fuel Unrest Throughout Latin America


Groups and Governments Work to Hold Syrian Perpetrators of War Crimes to Account 


As Trade War Drags on, Beijing and Washington Cement Competitor Status


'Live Dangerously' Shows Women Breaking New Ground — By Reclaiming It


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Cover Story

Afghanistan's First Female Envoy
To U.S. Insists Peace Still Possible

a5.afghanistan.rahmani.portrait.home2Roya Rahmani, Kabul's first female ambassador to the U.S., can barely recall a single day of peace growing up in Afghanistan. While the U.S. has been fighting there for 18 years, "the reality is that for us, this war has lasted over 40 years," says Rahmani, who was born just before the Soviet invasion. But she insists that despite the long nightmare, "for the first time, we have the vision, the will and the human capital" to achieve peace. Read More


People of World Influence

Former U.S. Ambassador Speaks on
Foreign Policy in Age of Impeachment

a1.powi.brigety.portrait.gwu.homeFor Donald Trump, the State Department has largely been an afterthought — until now. U.S. diplomats have taken center stage — and come under fire — during the president's impeachment hearings, prompting former ambassadors such as Reuben Brigety to come to their defense. Read More

Anger Boils Over

Inequality, Corruption, Fuel Unrest
Throughout Latin America


From Santiago to Quito to La Paz, massive and often violent protests sparked by contentious elections, constitutional crises and worsening inequality have thrown a good portion of Latin America — including several normally stable countries — into disarray. Read More

Elusive Justice

People Fight to Hold Perpetrators
Of War Crimes in Syria to Account

a3.syria.children.war.homeFor the victims of human rights abuses in Syria, hopes are slim that they will ever see justice, but experts say that without addressing past horrors, there can be no future for the war-ravaged nation. Read More

Belarus's Balancing Act

'Europe's Last Dictator' Walks Fine
Line Between Russia and the West

a4.belarus.lukashenko.speech.homeWhile Ukraine is in the spotlight because of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, a recent report suggests Ukraine's neighbor Belarus should be receiving more attention from the U.S. and its allies. Read More

The U.S.-China Standoff

As Trade War Drags on, Beijing and
Washington Cement Competitor Status

a6.manafort.trump.putin.homeAs 2019 comes to a close, the trade war between the U.S. and China is far from over. If anything, China expert Elizabeth Economy says it could augur a new era of relations between the world's two largest economies — one that for this administration, rightly emphasizes competition over cooperation. Read More



In Her Nature

'Live Dangerously'
Shows Women
Breaking New Ground



Bold Leap

'Chorus Line' Stands
Up to the Test of Time



Not Your Everyday Gift

'Bonnard to Vuillard'
Draws on Collection
Of Art by Short-Lived Nabis


Captive Audience

'Radical Link' Looks at
Asylum as Both Archaic
Cage, Modern-Day Escape

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