Diplomatic Glossary

Dictionary of commonly used words, abbreviations, terms and phrases. Compiled using: Overseas Breifing Center, Foreign Service Institute. Protocol for the Modern Diplomat. US Department of State: Washington, DC.


Up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and access to each of the EU institutions

World Bank

Access to World Bank locations, projects, documents and reports

World Trade Organization

Access to the World Trade Organization systems and activities with a large database of official documents

American Foreign Service Association

Detailed guide of foreign service missions, activities, members and other international public resources

The World Factbook 2007

CIA website outlining statistics, facts and a detailed background on each country

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Annual reports and fact sheets with basic descriptions of International Monetary Fund programs

Think Tanks

A list of think tanks.

US State Department

The State Department’s online directory with access to various publications and press releases

Governments on the WWW

A comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the Internet containing more than 17,000 entries from more than 220 countries and territories

One World

Latest coverage of breaking news and stories from around the world

Organization of American States

Official web site of the Organization of American States that details the missions and goals of the alliances between the Americas and the Caribbean

Meridian House

Online resources for arts and other international cultural education projects in the area

THIS for Diplomats

THIS for Diplomats is a non-profit, volunteer organization which welcomes and assists diplomats and their families during their stay in Washington D.C.