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Banner Advertisements are a great way to get your brand recognized!

Banner advertisement campaigns run on washdiplomat.com produce between 1 and 4 percent click-through ratio and have helped build name recognition for our clients on a regular basis!

Although 1-4% doesn’t sound like much, it is important to keep in mind that the greatest value of banner advertisements isn’t the amount of traffic it produces on your website immediately. Just as conventional advertisments like television commercials don’t always translate into immediate phone calls to your business, banner advertisements don’t always translate into immediate Web site hits.

Make sure they recognize your brand first!

Name recognition is more important to websites than any other mode of conducting business because it is so easy for potential customers to simply go to the site they saw on a banner recently than to go to a search engine and search through listings for a trusted name. In fact, if a web user does search for a business in your market the fact that they’ve seen your banner will make them much more likely to give you a shot before any of the others choices they are faced with.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement on washdiplomat.com please email us using the form below:

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