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Top rum, cigar brands take center stage at Dominican Embassy event

On July 15, Sonia Guzmán, the country’s new ambassador to the United States, hosted a reception at her Washington, D.C., residence to promote both products. At the event, some 120 guests enjoyed premium cigars while sampling top Dominican rums, as well as coffee and chocolate.

Op-Ed: US should recognize the role it’s played in Cuba’s troubles

Since Christopher Columbus first disembarked on the island of Cuba in the 15th century and brought infectious disease on an unsuspecting population, foreigners have dictated Cuba’s destiny. Irrespective of which great power was at play, all have pursued a similar course of action: Might is right. Little has changed in the intervening centuries.

Statue of Liberty’s ‘Little Sister’ Comes to DC to Celebrate US-France Ties

The Statue of Liberty has a mini-me in D.C. — well, if you consider “mini” to weigh 1,000 pounds and stand nine feet tall. On June 19, Little Lady Liberty embarked on a similar trek that her big sister took 135 years ago, crossing the Atlantic to join her full-size sibling on Ellis Island for America’s Independence Day. She was then trucked to D.C. to be displayed on the lawn of the French ambassador’s residence just in time for France’s Bastille Day.

Signal Communications ranks UAE, Sweden best in embassy websites

As President Biden remarked at the recent G7 summit to fellow world leaders “America is back.” While the United States is seeking to deepen relationship around the world, digital diplomacy has a pivotal role to play in influencing key decision makers at the White, State Department and on Capitol Hill. Digital media offers a low-cost way to engage, persuade and influence the citizens of allies and adversaries.

‘We’re Gonna Die’ offers a mix of hope and gloom

Round House Theatre — which has produced numerous virtual plays during the pandemic — cautiously invited a limited, masked and socially distanced audience back into the building for its production of “We’re Gonna Die” and filmed it for digital streaming audiences.

Ignoring Russian claims, Ukraine urges UNESCO status for borscht

Mexico has its tequila, France its champagne and Cyprus its haloumi cheese. Yet some national dishes have inevitably led to squabbling. Israel and Lebanon both claim hummus as their own; Chile and Peru have argued for more than a century over which nation concocted the pisco sour.

The hybrid future of diplomacy

I set out to argue that the pandemic has had a “positive” effect on diplomacy. I do so fully aware that I could have always resorted to the overused adjective “interesting” to describe that very effect, perhaps more diplomatically. The purpose remains to give a brief account of the beneficial impact of the pandemic on the digitalization of diplomacy and how that ultimately led diplomats to become more aware than ever before of the nature, significance and peculiarity of their work.

Germany’s Plain-Speaking ‘Man in New York’ Had a Good Run at the U.N.

The United Nations diplomatic corps is about to say farewell to one of its best-known members. Christoph Heusgen, Germany’s permanent representative in New York since 2017, departs at the end of June. During his tenure, which included a stint on the Security Council in 2019 and 2020, Heusgen has impressed and sometimes infuriated other diplomats with his plain-speaking, principled brand of diplomacy. He will be missed.

Saudi Arabia’s Reema bint Bandar: We can’t wait for change to happen

Daughter of an ambassador. CEO of a major corporation. Head of a multi-sports federation. Princess. Mother. Leading Global Thinker, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

Saudi Arabia’s Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud has indeed worn many hats in her life. But what’s it like to be her country’s first woman ambassador to the United States in Saudi history?

Phillips marks its centennial by looking ahead to the next century

The Phillips Collection may have hit the grand old age of 100, but its spectacular celebratory exhibition isn’t stuck in the past. Even as the show reflects on the museum’s own history, “Seeing Differently: The Phillips Collects for a New Century” is grappling with the future.