March 2012 Homepage

March 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

Iceland’s Busted Economy
Slowly Puts Back the Pieces

a5.iceland.homeIceland’s economic meltdown was a harbinger of things to come in Europe, but the volcanic island nation is bucking standard prescriptions for recovery and coming in from the cold — on its own terms. Read More

People of World Influence

Cha Praises U.S. Pivot, But Urges
To Prep for Pyongyang Implosion

a1.powi.cha.homeVictor Cha thinks America’s pivot toward Asia makes perfect sense given China’s rise, but he warns that the U.S. shouldn’t take its eyes off something just as pivotal: North Korea. Read More

International Affairs

Iran: Has the Drumbeat of Debate
Led to Inevitable March to War?

a2.iran.planes.homeThe possibility of military conflict with Iran is becoming very real, but is the endless Beltway debate over what to do about Tehran needlessly pounding the drumbeat for war? Read More


U.S. Digs Deeper For Ways
To Support Arab Spring

a3.marshall.aid.homeThe U.S. just doesn’t have the money to do some kind of Marshall Plan for the Middle East in the wake of the Arab Spring, but that doesn’t mean America is empty-handed. Read More

International Relations

Cuba Welcomes Pope, As U.S.
Slams Door on Easing Embargo

a4.cuba.tourists.homeAs Cuba celebrates a milestone with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI, but another important milestone won’t exactly be toasted: the 50th anniversary of the U.S. embargo. Read More


Tax Haven Next Door: Delaware
Exposes Corporate Secrecy

a6.delaware.coins.homeWhat can you do in five minutes? Drink coffee. Check email. Apparently you can also start your own corporation from the comfort — and anonymity — of your own keyboard. Read More

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Stem Cells, Genetic Therapy
Take Aim at Vision Loss

a7.medical.eye.homeStem cell research, advances in genetic therapy and “personalized” medicine all herald a new frontier in fighting and even reversing vision loss. Read More