March 2013 Homepage

March 2013 Homepage
Cover Story

Kenyans Vote — And Pray
History Won’t Repeat Itself

a4.kenya.odembo.homeIt’s been five years since Kenya was gripped by election-related violence that plunged East Africa’s most stable democracy into a nightmare of ethnic barbarism — a nightmare Kenya’s ambassador says his country is determined not to repeat. Read More

People of World Influence

Former U.S. Ambassador to Mali
Warns of North African Dangers

a1.powi.huddleston.homeIf Mali becomes the world’s next major breeding ground for terrorists, nobody can say former Ambassador Vicki Huddleston didn’t warn them. Read More


In U.S. and Around World,
These Are Taxing Times have had a hate/hate relationship with taxes since before they were even Americans. But how much do they really pay compared to the rest of the world? Read More


Obama Continues Tradition
Of Ambassadorships for Sale

a3.appointments.monaco.homeFor more than a century, U.S. presidents have used cushy diplomatic appointments to reward donors, political operatives and other allies — a proud yet dubious tradition continued by President Obama. Read More


Mideast Business Boom Fuels
Global Expansion at Dulles

a5.airlines.dulles.terminal.homeDulles International Airport, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, expects to serve a record 24 million passengers in 2013 — driven in part by a business boom in the oil-rich Persian Gulf that shows no sign of slowing down. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Kerry and Hagel:
A Tale of Two Hearings

a6.hearings.rotunda.homeIt was a tale of two hearings: In John Kerry’s Senate confirmation hearing, the public got the reasoned debate it deserved — in the Chuck Hagel hearing, it got the small-minded politics it’s come to expect in lieu. Read More

Inside the Chamber

Dynamic President, Policy Veteran
Navigate ‘Unofficial’ Relationship

a7.taiwan.chamber.homeThe US-Taiwan Business Council gingerly navigates an “unofficial” relationship in which a bustling trade in goods, services and people has flourished in a zone of political ambiguity. Read More


The Right Moves: Exercise, Sports
Define and Transcend Cultures and fitness practices from other countries expose people to other cultures through movement, music and cherished tradition. Read More