March 2015 Homepage

March 2015 Homepage
Cover Story

Turkey Confronts Threats
Close to Home, Critics Abroad chaos on its borders, unrest at home and growing criticism from abroad, Turkey’s envoy in Washington has been besieged by problems from all sides. Read More 

People of World Influence

IRI President Advocates Painstaking
Groundwork of Democracy Promotion Green wants to make the International Republican Institute more “aggressive” in promoting democracy, but he also has to deal with an impatient Congress back home and critics abroad who say Washington’s democracy-engineering programs are simply regime-change schemes. Read More

Israel’s Ambassadors

Two Israeli Ambassadors Embark
On Very Different Political Paths

a2.israel.sign.homeAs one former Israeli ambassador runs for political office back home, another is making waves in Washington for his unorthodox diplomatic style. Read More

The Oil Ride

Falling Oil Prices Are Boon to Some,
Bane to World’s Petroleum Exporters

a3.oil.kazakhstan.homeThe plunge in oil prices has been a boon for some countries, a calamity for others — and an unpredictable roller-coaster ride for everyone. Read More

Unwelcome Refugees

Syria’s Refugees Find
Many Doors Closed’s civil war has sparked one of the worst migration crises in recent memory, but millions of refugees are discovering that certain doors are more open than others. Read More

Still Pivoting

Despite Bumps, Obama Steers
Course for Asia-Pacific Pivot global crises from Syria to Ukraine seem to have conspired to relegate Asia to the sidelines, but President Obama insists that his pivot is still very much on course. Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

New Book on Digital Diplomacy
Offers Cautionary Tech Tales Sandre of the Italian Embassy has written a new book to help foreign policy practitioners navigate the perils of digital diplomacy. Read More

Treating the Treatment

Chemotherapy: When the Cure
Seems Worse than the Disease

a8.medical.chemotherapy.molecule.homeBecause the side effects of chemotherapy are so debilitating, there’s a whole field of cancer research devoted just to developing treatments for the treatments. Read More