March 2016 Homepage

March 2016 Homepage
Cover Story

Despite Election-Year Bashing,
Envoy Says U.S.-Mexico Ties ‘Excellent’

a6.cover.mexico.border.homeMexico’s new ambassador arrived in Washington during a time of election-year demonizing, but Miguel Basáñez Ebergenyi is sage about the political posturing and Mexico-bashing, telling us that, “Some people who are ignorant of history talk about building walls, but that makes no sense.” Read More 

People of World Influence

Track II Diplomacy Practitioner
Creates Space to Open Up Dialogue

a1.powi.slim.homeDiplomatic breakthroughs like the recent Iran nuclear deal don’t always emerge from formal government-to-government discussions. Sometimes, the foundation for diplomatic success is laid by people like Randa Slim, who work behind the scenes in a process called Track II diplomacy. Read More

Tug of War

As Islamic State Loses
One Corner, It Gains Another

a2.isis.ship.homeAs the Islamic State retreats from parts of Iraq and Syria, the group is looking to expand in other areas such as Libya, perpetuating a tug of war for territory and influence that shows no signs of abating any time soon. Read More

Can Schengen Be Saved?

Migrant Crisis, Terrorist Threats
Test Ideal of Border-Free Europe raging migrant crisis and residual fears over terrorism are threatening to unravel the European Union’s passport-free travel area known as the Schengen zone — and with it the very fabric of the EU. Read More

Power Play at the Pump

Drop in Oil Prices Fuels
Iran-Saudi Arabia Rivalry

a4.saudi.iran.oil.refinery.homeSaudi Arabia and Iran are currently locked in a regional proxy war, buttressed by their respective oil reserves. Ties are likely to further deteriorate as global oil prices bottom out, Iran opens itself to the West and sectarian conflicts rage from Syria to Yemen. Read More

Spanning the Globe

World Affairs Council-DC:
‘Where Learning Happens’ addition to dozens of events each year featuring ambassadors and other top-level officials, WAC-DC spearheads a variety of education programs as part of its mission to involve as many citizens as possible in an exchange of ideas, knowledge and understanding of global issues. Read More

Diplomacy Verbatim

WPA Exposes Washingtonians
To Local, Global Culture

a7.verbatim.wpa.stage.homeOver the last half century, Washington Performing Arts has welcomed scores of well-known and lesser-known international and local artists as part of its mission to offer Washingtonians a cultural window onto the world. Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

As America’s National Parks Turn 100,
Social Media Helps Visitors Unplug mark their 100th anniversary, America’s National Parks are turning to social media to connect with, entice and educate visitors on its vast natural, historical and cultural resources. Read More

Book Review

Foreign Policy Scholar Writes
Bracing Book for Next President“Making Foreign Policy Decisions” offers a bracing how-to guide for the next U.S. president. Read More


Women’s Heart Attacks Are
Different Than Men’s, Experts Stress

a10.medical.womens.heart.homeHeart attacks in women often have different causes and symptoms than those in men, and they’re deadlier, too. A scientific statement from the American Heart Association hopes to raise awareness about the key differences. Read More