May 2019 Homepage

May 2019 Homepage
Cover Story

Massacre of Muslim Worshippers
Prompts Strong, Swift Response shooting rampage by an avowed white supremacist that killed 50 Muslim worshippers in New Zealand stunned the otherwise tranquil island nation but prompted a decisive and defiant response — and a pledge that the tragedy will not change the values that New Zealanders pride themselves on, according to the country’s ambassador, Rosemary Banks. Read More

People of World Influence

Arms Control Expert Warns of Potential
New Arms Race Between U.S., Russia

a1.powi.countryman.portrait.homeThomas Countryman of the Arms Control Association warns that one of the landmark treaties constraining Russian and American nuclear ambitions is unraveling, signaling a possible return to the Cold War-era arms buildup that had the world on edge. Read More

Sins of the Father

Families and Children of Islamic
State Fighters Face Dire Future


Caught between strategic power plays, politics and security fears, the children of Islamic State fighters were born into brutality and now face a bleak, uncertain future. Read More

NATO’s Cheerleaders

Security Bloc’s First Post-Soviet
Members Laser-Focused on  Russia

a3.nato.bulgaria.koren.homeAs the Czech, Hungarian and Polish foreign ministers were marking the 20th anniversary of their membership into NATO as well as the security alliance’s 70th anniversary, they also backed Trump’s calls for increased defense spending – albeit with caution. Read More

Northern Triangle Tangle

In Wake of Migration Surge, Trump
Takes Aim at Northern Triangle

a4.triangle.homeland.border.patrol.homePresident Trump’s decision to eliminate assistance to the Northern Triangle is still reverberating across Washington — and in Central America, where, instead of curbing migration, cuts in aid could have the opposite effect by driving more desperate migrants to the U.S. border. Read More

Islam’s Soft Power

Report Analyzes the Intersection
Of Religion, Statecraft in Middle East and politics have a long, complicated history around the world, but in the Middle East, religion continues to play a crucial — and at times corrosive role — in the region’s dynamics. Read More


New ‘Cancer Vaccine’ Could
Destroy Tumors from Within

a7.medical.cancer.tcell.homeA new method of brewing a cancer vaccine inside a patient’s tumor could harness the power of the immune system to destroy the disease, researchers reported. Read More