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November 2019 Homepage
Cover Story

Colombian Envoy Says Government
Is Sticking by FARC Peace Deal

a4.colombia.calderon.portrait.home“We inherited a mess,” says Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos Calderón about the peace deal that the previous government negotiated with FARC rebels. But Santos, a journalist who was kidnapped by drug traffickers, says that while he would’ve been tougher on the former rebels, his government is committed to implementing the accord that ended Latin America’s longest-running armed conflict. Read More

People of World Influence

Architect of Bush’s Iraq Surge Reflects
On Shifting Middle East Landscape

a1.powi.osullivan.iraq.vest.homeAs the architect of the Bush administration’s surge in Iraq, Meghan O’Sullivan left a huge footprint in the war-torn country. But as many U.S. policymakers learn, in the volatile and shifting sands of the Middle East, footprints often get left behind in the dust. Read More


New Book Explores Whistleblowing
In Government, Corporate America


A single whistleblower may do more to bring down Donald Trump’s presidency than several years’ worth of exhaustive, damning reports about his conduct, but why do people risk their reputations to expose the truth, and what have been the repercussions? Read More

Diplomatic Dangers

Retired Envoys Say Post-Benghazi
Fears Are Holding U.S. Diplomats Back

a3.risk.cretz.misurata.libya.home“Diplomacy is a hazardous business,” says Richard Olson, the former U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan who joined other former ambassadors in calling on Congress to put aside post-Benghazi fears and let diplomats out of “fortress embassies” so they can do their job. Read More

China, Then and Now

Experts Reflect on China’s Trajectory,
From Fledgling State to Global Giant

a5.china.shanghai.great.wall.homeChina’s remarkable transformation from a struggling communist state to a major global player has also made it some enemies, or, at the least, frenemies. That includes the United States, which under Donald Trump considers China a geostrategic competitor. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-Ed: Sweeping New FARA
Enforcement Threatens Foreign Firms

a6.manafort.trump.putin.homeThe Department of Justice’s Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) enforcement unit was until recently a fairly sleepy outpost. The multiple convictions of Paul Manafort changed all that — along with a fear that Russia had gained undue influence over U.S. electioneering and policymaking. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-Ed: Operation Desert Storm Offers
Lessons on U.S. Global Leadership

a7.desert.oped.holliday.jets.homeNearly 30 years after the end of Operation Desert Storm to drive Saddam Hussein’s army from Kuwait following Iraq’s invasion of the oil-rich emirate, it is worthwhile to reflect on lessons learned that may be relevant today. Read More