November Homepage

November Homepage
Cover Story

Ambassador Valeriy Chaly:
Ukraine Still in ‘State of War’

a6.cover.ukraine.chaly.bastille.homeThe guns may have fallen silent but Ukraine’s new envoy warns his homeland is still in a “state of war” as he fights to keep the world’s attention on his embattled country. Read More 

People of World Influence

Ex-U.N. Peacekeeping Chief:
Do Less, Do It Better

a1.powi.jeanmarie.guehenno.homeJean-Marie Guéhenno led the largest expansion of U.N. peacekeeping in the organization’s history. He also learned some hard lessons about conflict and compromise — and the mismatch between lofty aspirations and on-the-ground realities. Read More

Intel Black Hole

Gaps in Intelligence Complicate
Battle Against Islamic State

a2.islamic.state.jets.homePeople have assigned various labels and theories for the radical group that calls itself the Islamic State, but the only thing that’s clear is that our knowledge of the group is riddled with gaps. Read More

U.S.- China Mil to Mil

Jaded U.S.-China Military Ties
Fray in Wake of Recent Tensions


Some U.S. defense officials are questioning the utility of engaging China’s army as allegations of hacking and expansionism in the Pacific fuel bilateral mil-to-mil mistrust. Read More

Who Broke Greece?

Plenty of Blame to Go Around
For Greece’s Economic Drama

a4.greek.crisis.tsipras.homeThere are two competing narratives about the Greek financial crisis — one that puts the onus on Athens, and the other that blames its creditors. But as in any rhetorical tug of war, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Read More

Diaspora Connections

From Palestine to Peru, D.C. Embassies
Reach Out to Respective Diasporas

a5.diaspora.cameroon.homeFrom Peru to Palestine, embassies are realizing the value of their diaspora communities and reaching out to pump up investment back home. Read More

Inside Azerbaijan

Diplomat’s Ambassador Insider Series
Debuts with Azerbaijan’s Suleymanov

a7.azerbaijan2.homeAzerbaijan took the spotlight Oct. 6 as the focus of The Washington Diplomat’s inaugural Ambassador Insider Series discussion. Read More

Muslims in Europe

Muslims Coming to Europe,
Long Before Migrant Crisis

a8.muslims.europe.france.homeThe migrant crisis has shone a spotlight on the influx of Muslims fleeing war-torn nations for Europe’s safe shores, but Islam is hardly a new presence on the Christian-dominated continent. Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

LinkedIn Disengages From
Diplomats in Digital Sphere Facebook and Twitter dominate the digital diplomacy discussion, LinkedIn has been largely left out of the loop.  Read More