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A Special Report Sponsored by the Embassy of Syria



I would like to welcome you to this special report on Syria, sponsored by the Syrian Embassy in Washington. We hope this report will act as a window for you, the reader, into the depths of the Syrian culture, people, history, cities and politics.

Syria is a country rich with centuries of history and tradition. The city of Aleppo boasts the recognition of being the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, and Damascus, the oldest continually inhabited capital in the world. The first alphabet was conceived in Ugarit, and the first battle in history was fought in Hamoukar.

Syrians are some of the most peaceful and hospitable people in the world. Their cultural heritage is a source of great pride and they cherish their religious and ethnic diversity. This melting pot of cultures is one of Syria’s most unique and essential characteristics.

Contrary to certain misperceptions, Syrians hold no grudges against Americans. They have great admiration for the U.S. and the achievements of the American nation that have greatly benefited mankind, and welcome any American visitor with open arms.

For this reason, and others—the Syrian government has extended its hand to its American counterpart for reengagement and cooperation on issues of mutual interest. Also contrary to many misconceptions, the U.S. and Syria have several common goals and concerns such as terrorism, stability in Iraq and peace, to name a few. There is no doubt that certain differences also exist, but this is why mankind has sought diplomacy and negotiations throughout history.

The Middle East is at a historic and monumental juncture. The stakes are very high for all the parties involved, including the U.S. We are faced with grave uncertainties and challenges that will shape the region for generations to come. We are charged with the responsibility to ensure that these generations will live in peace and security, and not war and fear. In order to fully meet our responsibilities, we require a concerted effort that will inevitably include everyone’s unequivocal cooperation. One party alone, no matter how hard they try or claim, does not have the answer or solution for the region. The realization of any answers and solutions will ultimately depend on the achievement of our multilateral diplomatic tracks.

Please enjoy this report, and we hope to see you in Syria soon…

About the Author

Imad Moustapha, Ambassador of Syria to the United States