April 2012 Homepage

April 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

As French, U.S. Elections Loom,
Envoy Lauds ‘Win-Win’ Relations

a5.france.delattre.homeFrance’s increased profile on the world stage has been championed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, never one to shy away from the international limelight. But now Sarkozy finds himself in a different battle as he fights to keep his job in an election that will very much shape France’s future trajectory. Read More

People of World Influence

At 50, Peace Corps Refines Its
Mission But Retains Popularity

a1.powi.williams.homeAs the Peace Corps approached its 50th anniversary last year, Director Aaron S. Williams, a former volunteer himself, had the agency take a long, hard look at itself. Read More


In GOP Race to the White House,
Is Foreign Policy Mere Spectator?

a2.gop.gun.homeSince 9/11, foreign policy and national security chops have ranked among the top criteria for candidates in every presidential primary and general election — until now, that is. Read More


U.S. Embassy Building Boom
Fortifies Diplomacy Abroad

a3.embassy.homeIn recent years, the State Department has worked to balance a boom in embassy construction, spurred by tougher new security requirements, with a movement to design more eco-friendly — and people-friendly — facilities. Read More


Obama’s Defense Cuts Send
Ripples Beyond U.S. Shores

a4.defense.homeAs plans move forward to slash Pentagon spending and revamp America’s global security posture, U.S. allies are worried that their defense relationships and lucrative arms agreements hang in the balance. Read More


Embassies Pledge to Go Green
As Part of D.C. Sustainability Push

a6.dutch.mayor.homeGoing green is the way to go nowadays, and in this spirit of sustainability, dozens of embassies are teaming up with the D.C. government and pledging to help make Washington the greenest city in the country. Read More


Researchers Say Some Women
Osteoporosis Screening

a7.medical.osteo.homeMost older women assume they need a bone density scan every year or so to avoid osteoporosis, but research is showing that doctors may be going way overboard with osteoporosis testing. Read More