April 2013 Homepage

April 2013 Homepage
Cover Story

Colombia’s Ambassador Hopeful
Peace Talks Will End Rebel War

a5.colombia.urrutia.homeColombian Ambassador Carlos Urrutia says peace talks now under way are the country’s best chance in decades to negotiate a settlement to end nearly 50 years of bloodshed once and for all. Read More

People of World Influence

Ex-State Department Spokesman:
A Communicator by Choice

a1.powi.crowley.homePhilip J. Crowley may have lost his job as State Department spokesman, but he hasn’t lost his candor about the need for governments to be honest with their own citizens. Read More


Tweet This: Embassies
Embrace Digital Diplomacy

a2.social.diplomat.facebook.homeEmbassies in Washington have waded into the interactive realm of social media to engage “friends,” “followers” and “fans” in a conversation that’s taking diplomacy to new places. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Race for Immigration Reform
May Face Hurdles in the House

a3.rotunda.immigration.sign.homeHow fast can a political issue go from third rail to full sail? We might soon find out as the push for immigration reform sinks or swims in the next few months. Read More


Former U.S. Envoy to Venezuela
Reflects on Hugo Chávez’s Legacy

a4.venezuela.voting.homePatrick Duddy, the U.S. ambassador who was kicked out of Venezuela by the country’s fiery anti-American president, reflects on Hugo Chávez’s complicated legacy. Read More

International Affairs

Debate Over Legalizing Drugs
Grows Louder in Latin America

a6.legalization.marijuana.homeMore and more Americans are questioning the war on drugs, echoing their southern neighbors who say the U.S. government is waging a losing battle. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-Ed: ‘A Misguided Attack
By Caribbean Ambassadors’

a6.oped.virgin.islands.homeJohn P. de Jongh Jr., governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, offers a rebuttal to Caribbean ambassadors who argue that U.S. rum excise taxes are an illegal subsidy. Read More


International Photographer
Albert Mogzec Dies at 84

a7.albert.memoriam.homeLongtime diplomatic photographer Albert Francis Mogzec, 84, died March 2 in a North Carolina hospital after a long illness. Read More


The Childhood Ailment
No One Talks About

a8.medical.pinworms.homeParents are subject to an endless parade of messy moments, from poop to projectile vomiting, but that doesn’t compare to a revolting yet common childhood ailment that no one likes to talk about. Read More