August 2014 Homepage

August 2014 Homepage
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Britain Reflects on Sacrifices
Made as World Waged War“It’s a part of our national consciousness,” British Ambassador Peter Westmacott says about World War I, which introduced modern warfare, killed millions of people and redrew the world map, planting the seeds of conflicts that fester to this day. Read More 

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Bosnia, Cradle of World War I,
Still Struggles with Ethnic Divisions

a6.ww1.bosnia.sarajevo.home“Bosnia was not the cause of the First World War. It was just a trigger,” says Ambassador Jadranka Negodic, who laments that 100 years later, people still view the events that triggered the war through the prism of ethnic divisions that continue to haunt her region. Read More 

People of World Influence

Burns Offers Nuanced Perspective
On Slew of Crises Facing Obama

a2.selfridge.vernon.homeRespected former U.S. diplomat Nicholas Burns offers a nuanced, levelheaded assessment of Obama’s foreign policy agenda — befitting the complex nature of the challenges the president faces. Read More


D.C.-Based Ambassadors
Visit the ‘Other’ Washington

a2.seattle.ambassadors.homeThe Diplomat joins D.C.-based ambassadors as they head to the other Washington to visit Seattle as part of a State Department-sponsored trip with Protocol Chief Peter Selfridge. Read More

An Erdogan Empire?

Erdogan Eyes Presidency
To Cement His Grip on Turkey

a4.balkan.flooding.homeTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hoping to win the presidency this month in a bid to extend an 11-year rule marked by significant achievement and growing animosity. Read More

Underestimating Putin

West Underplays Putin’s Appeal
To Rising Nationalist Sentiment

a6.state.department.homeRussian President Vladimir Putin has seized on discontent with Western values to ingratiate himself with a growing chorus of conservatives and nationalists around the world. Read More

Somaliland Stability

Somaliland: An Oasis of Stability
Makes Its Case for Independence

a7.diego.garcia.homeSomaliland has a growing economy, functioning democracy and none of the anarchy that afflicts neighboring Somalia. The only thing it doesn’t have is independence from its neighbor. Read More

Keystone Optimism

Canada and Its Keystone Supporters
Optimistic Pipeline Will Pass Canadian American Business Council recently gathered top energy experts to make the case for giving the green light to the embattled Keystone XL pipeline. Read More

What’s in a Street Name?

Congress Goads China by Renaming
Embassy Street After Jailed Dissident

a9.medical.manner.homeIn a diplomatic slight, the D.C. Council recently passed a resolution to rename a portion of the street in front of the Chinese Embassy after a jailed Chinese dissident. Read More