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December 2013 Homepage
Cover Story

Grenada’s New War:
Battling Climate Change

a4.grenada.beach.homeWith memories of destructive hurricanes still fresh on their minds, Grenadians today are less focused on the 1983 U.S. invasion that put their country on the map, and more on fighting the natural forces that threaten to wipe their tiny island off that map. Read More 

People of World Influence

Scholar Pins Congressional
Dysfunction Squarely on GOP

a1.powi.ornstein.homePolitical go-to pundit Norman Ornstein says he’s never seen Washington this broken in his entire lifetime, and he doesn’t mince words over who’s to blame for the sabotage. Read More

Congress Takes on OAS

Congress to OAS: Shape Up
Or Face Fiscal Consequences

a2.oas.reform.insulza.homeAfter years of complaining that the Organization of American has become a bloated, unwieldy, irrelevant bureaucracy, Congress finally managed to come together to put their money where their mouth is. Read More

Religious Tolerance

Threats Against Christians
Intensify Around World

a3.coptic.cathedral.khartoum.homeAs political turmoil in the Muslim world exacerbates sectarian tensions, religious minorities such as Christians are finding themselves increasingly in the line of fire, putting the squeeze on a population whose numbers have already dwindled over the past century in the region. Read More

Energy Matrix

Experts Debate Mideast’s Future
As Worldwide Energy Supplier

a5.arab.energy.libya.homeFour decades after the Arab oil embargo realigned the geopolitical map, another seismic shift is changing the energy landscape, forcing both producers and consumers to rethink their traditional roles. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Hyperpolarization Plagues U.S.
Politics, Freezes Policymaking

a6.shutdown.polarization.homeHyperpolarization. It sounds like a science fiction plot device or a molecular term in biology class, but it’s a very real phenomenon infecting Washington, with no cure in sight. Read More


The Cancer Test You May
Want to Skip, But Shouldn’t

a7.medical.endoscope.homeIt’s the one cancer screening test that’s been universally shown to be effective. Yet it’s also the one test most people prefer to avoid — one out of every three people, in fact. Read More