July 2019 Homepage

July 2019 Homepage
Cover Story

Finns Remain Low-Key About World,
Issues as They Assume EU Presidency

a4.finland.helsinki.slyline.homeFinns consistently rank among the happiest people on the planet, but even the happiest people have their problems. Whether it’s differences with the U.S. on the Arctic, maintaining a relationship with Russia or keeping the European Union on a steady course as they assume its presidency this month. Read More

Libya’s Proxy War

Internal Grievances, Outside Interests
Fuel Libya’s Descent into Civil War

a1.libya.bouri.oil.field.homeWith fighting continuing to rage in the outskirts of Tripoli, Libya’s current civil war shows no signs of abating, as a lethal combination of outside interests and internal grievances fuels further destruction. Read More

USMCA Countdown

Amid Tariffs, Elections, Ratification
Of New NAFTA Is Ever-Moving Target


Amid the tariff battle with Mexico over the border and looming elections in the U.S. and Canada, NAFTA’s replacement has been relegated to the sidelines, but the clock is ticking on the deal as Democrats go toe to toe with Trump on its ratification. Read More

CEE Kinship

Some European Nations Find Kindred
Spirit in Nationalist U.S. President

a3.cee.visegrad.group.homeDogged by concerns about democratic backsliding, Central and Eastern Europe has found an ideological cheerleader in President Trump, who was undertaken a vigorous re-engagement with allies such as Hungary and Poland. Read More

Pipeline Showdown

U.S. Aims to Derail Nord Stream 2
Pipeline Between Germany, Russia

a5.nord.stream2.last.pipe.sweden.homeThe United States and Russia are locked in an economic and geopolitical power struggle over which of them will be Western Europe’s principal supplier of natural gas. Russia is winning. Read More

Money for Everyone?

Op-Ed: Why Universal Basic Income
Is a Bad Idea Economically, Politically

a6.income.money.homeOne should always be wary of simple solutions to complex problems, and universal basic income (UBI) is no exception. The fact that it has not been met with enthusiasm indicates a breakdown in democratic politics and civic life. Read More

Taking on Tehran

Op-Ed: Between War or Regime
Change Lies Option Three: JCPOA 2.0

a7.tehran.khamenei.china.homeSince President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal in 2015, options for dealing with Iran include a costly war or an unlikely regime change. But there is a third possibility, one that would require Trump to explore diplomacy. Read More