June 2016 Homepage

June 2016 Homepage
Cover Story

Envoy Says Blame Game
After Brussels Attacks ‘Unfair’

a5.belguim.antwerp.homeFollowing the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks, Belgium has been slammed as the world’s most prosperous failed state, an incubator of terror and ground zero for European radicalism. Ambassador John Verbeke says he’s more than ready to have a rational discussion about the country’s security failings, but he says Belgians won’t give into intimidation — or hyperbole. Read More

People of World Influence

Bulgaria’s Poptodorova Reflects
On 12 Years as Ambassador

a1.powi.elena.poptdorova.homeElena Poptodorova performed her first assignment as Bulgaria’s ambassador to the U.S. so well that her government asked her to return for an encore. Now, after a combined 12 years, the popular envoy reflects on her posting in Washington during a critical time for her country, and for her personally. Read More

Middle East

Afghan President Distances Himself
From Fruitless Talks with Taliban

a2.afghan.talks.soldiers.osprey.homePeace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban may be over. To some, they never really began. Hopes were high that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani could do what had eluded his predecessor: engage the enemy. But after a series of false starts, Ghani has drawn a line in the sand — backing away from diplomacy in favor of tough love. Read More

TPP Limbo

Trans-Pacific Partnership Enters
Final Push in U.S. Election Year

a3.tpp.cattle.homeThe Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, which is said to be the most comprehensive trade deal ever put together, took more than five years to negotiate. But its signing on Feb. 4 did not mean that it is in force on either side of the Pacific. Now comes the hard bit as all 12 countries that signed the agreement begin their respective ratification processes. Read More

Tough Neighborhood

Regional Hostilities Unnerve Georgia
As Ex-Soviet Republic Turns 25

a4.georgia.nato.homeThis spring, Georgia’s 3.8 million people mark a quarter-century of independence from the Soviet Union. But with Russia still breathing down their necks and making life difficult for people in this turbulent part of the world, not everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Read More

New Space Race

NASA Chief: 21st-Century Space
About Cooperation, Not Competition

a6.nasa.international.space.station.homeThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) use of “soft and smart power” has led to myriad international partnerships between the United States and a number of other countries, including Russia and China, which in many foreign policy arenas are considered rivals or antagonists. Read More


Half of All Heart Attacks
May be Silent but Lethal

a7.medical.heart.attack.homeAs many as half of all heart attacks may be “silent” — without the typical crushing chest pain, shortness of breath and cold sweats, new study findings suggest. Among nearly 9,500 Americans included in the study, 45 percent of all heart attacks were silent, investigators found. Read More