March 2018 Homepage

March 2018 Homepage
Cover Story

Haitian Ambassador Paul Altidor:
Come Visit Our ‘Shithole’ Country


The last time Ambassador Paul Altidor graced our cover in 2012, Haiti was digging out from one of the worst earthquakes in modern history and Barack Obama was in the White House. Fast-forward to 2018. Haiti is still recovering from that earthquake and Donald Trump is cursing up a storm in the White House. But this time, Altidor says his country won’t remain silent in the face of slurs. Read More
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Local-Federal Divide

U.S. Mayors Diverge with Trump
On Immigration, Climate Change

a1.mayors.chicago.homeThe Trump administration’s absent approach on climate and aggressive stance on immigration have ramped up the political gridlock in Washington. Stuck in the middle are U.S. cities that have found themselves picking up the slack on environmental issues while watching the contentious immigration debate play out on their doorsteps. Read More

Continent of Neglect

Experts Urge U.S. Engagement
In Africa as China Fills the Void President Donald Trump’s recent “shithole” comment degrading Haiti and African countries roiled politics at home and abroad, some argue that it was also a statement emblematic of the West’s historical neglect of the 54 countries on the African continent. Read More

Presidential Profanities

When Trump Swears
Rest of World Says WTF

a3.trump.speak.solberg.homePresident Trump’s penchant for profanities has outraged parts of the world and further polarized a divided America, although his base seems to be eating up his vulgar vernacular. Read More

Benefits of Leave

U.S. Playing Catch-Up With
Rest of World on Paternity Leave

a5.parental.leave.crib.homeThe U.S. government is inching toward joining the rest of the developed world in allowing fathers to take time off from work upon the birth or adoption of their children without a loss of income — a policy that would benefit families as well as the economy as a whole. Read More

Nordic Vantage Point

On International Women’s Day,
Strides Made but Gaps Persist

a6.norway.quote.aas.homeIn his own words, Norwegian Ambassador Kåre R. Aas discusses the highlights pertaining to the rights of women and girls all over the world in celebration of International Women’s Day March 8. Read More


Your Attitude About Getting Older
Might Affect Your Odds for Dementia

a7.medical.aging.attitude.homeResearchers found that people with positive beliefs about aging had a nearly 44 percent lower risk of developing dementia over the next four years than those with a dimmer outlook. The protective link was seen even among people who carried a gene variant which raises the risk for dementia. Read More