May 2012 Homepage

May 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

 Crisis in the Sahel: Niger Envoy
Warns of Desperation, Instability

a5.niger.sidikou.embassy.homeMaman S. Sidikou, Niger’s eloquent new envoy, is sounding the alarm that if the world doesn’t help his region tackle a devastating drought exacerbated by rebellion and Islamist extremism, “we’ll all come to regret it.” Read More

People of World Influence

To Save Pakistan, Author Says
U.S. Needs Plan for Afghanistan

a1.powi.rashid.diplomat.homeAhmed Rashid, once called Pakistan’s “best and bravest reporter,” says he wrote his most recent book “with the very acute realization that Pakistan was literally going down the tubes.” Read More


U.S. Hosts World Leaders
For NATO, G-8 Summits

a2.nato.g8.summit.protest.homeWorld leaders will converge on the United States this month for the NATO and G-8 summits, but whether they’ll agree on big issues such as Afghanistan and Syria is another matter entirely. Read More


Human Rights Body At U.N.
Still Struggles With Credibility

a3.un.human.rights.president.homeThe U.S. has been working to reform the U.N. Human Rights Council from within to make it a voice for the world’s conscience, instead of a platform for repressive regimes. Read More

International Relations

Azerbaijani Envoy Decries
Apathy for Frozen Conflicts

a4.azerbaijan.suleymanov.homeAzerbaijani Ambassador Elin Suleymanov says energy cooperation is the crowning achievement of U.S. ties, but the region’s frozen conflicts could instantly melt away 20 years of post-Soviet progress. Read More


Jewish Peace Broker Sees
Trouble Brewing in Mideast

a6.gershon.baskin.homeAfter brokering the secret deal that secured the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit from his Hamas kidnappers, important politicians are suddenly paying attention to an obscure, bearded peacenik from Long Island. Read More