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November 2011 Homepage
Cover Story

Indonesia’s Envoy Embodies
Ambitions of Emerging Nation

a5.cover.dino.homeAs Indonesia gears up to host two major regional summits this month, its driven ambassador in Washington is embracing the opportunity to showcase his fast-rising powerhouse. Read More

People of World Influence

Opinion Leader Passes Punditry
For ‘Ambidextrous’ Analysis

a1.powi.clemons.homeIn an era when most Beltway political pundits are prone to predictable and fiercely partisan posturing, Steve Clemons is an informed rarity. Read More


Argentina 2001 vs. Greece 2011:
Parallels, Pitfalls of Comparison

a2.argentina.homeSince its debt default 10 years ago, Argentina’s economy has dramatically rebounded, leading to suggestions that Greece should take a page from its playbook. Read More


Saudi Assassination Plot Rare
But D.C. Has Experienced Others

a3.saudi.homeDiplomats in D.C. are much more likely to be victims of traffic incidents than targets of assassination plots, but that doesn’t mean the danger is nonexistent. Read More


Embassies Make Their Case
To Congress Via Lobby Shops

a4.lobby.homeAmbassadors lobby Washington policymakers just like any other political actor and the race is on to influence Capitol Hill in the wake of the U.S. government’s cutting spree. Read More

Global Vantage Point

The Decline and Fall
Of America’s Decline and Fall

a6.vantage.homeJoseph Nye argues that gloomy predictions of U.S. decline amid the “rise of the rest” underestimate America’s enduring power, especially vis-à-vis China. Read More

International Development

Multinational Corporations Make
Business of Building Better World

a7.mnc.mars.homeLong viewed by the developing world as the “big bad businesses”, multinational corporations are some of the main actors behind the push to eradicate global poverty. Read More


Nicaragua’s Capitalist Comrade
Consolidates Political Power

a8.nicaragua.homeAs Nicaraguans go to the polls to elect a president, there’s no mystery who the winner will be: Daniel Ortega. Read More