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November 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

New Envoy Says Egypt Has
Turned Page on Dictatorship

a5.ambassador.egypt.tawfik.homeSolving the murder at the heart of the crime thriller he wrote pales in comparison to the real-life challenges Mohamed M. Tawfik now faces as Cairo’s new ambassador in Washington. Read More

People of World Influence

Amnesty Director Continues
Lifelong Human Rights Crusade

a1.powi.nossel.homeSuzanne Nossel is using Twitter and other 21st-century tools to promote Amnesty International’s mission without abandoning the letter-writing and grassroots legwork that have made it one of the world’s foremost human rights groups. Read More


Global Perceptions of U.S. Elections:
Nasty, Long, Expensive, Bewildering

a2.election.obama.romney.homeFor foreigners, America’s presidential election — a lengthy, nasty, no-holds-barred battle littered with money and arcane rules — can seem, well, completely foreign. Read More


D.C. Diplomatic Corps Sad
To See Hillary Clinton Go

a3.hillary.clinton.homeFrom Tripoli to Tbilisi, it’s hard to name a world capital Hillary Clinton hasn’t visited — or a diplomat who doesn’t have words of praise for the “rock-star” secretary of state. Read More


U.S. Debates How to Keep Envoys Safe
Without Smothering Diplomacy

a4.embassy.security.tunisia.homeThe attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has revived a longstanding debate over how to keep America’s diplomats safe while letting them do their job. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Syria: A Divided Society
Comes Apart at the Seams

a6.syria.sectarian.homeSyria’s uprising-turned-civil war has flamed sectarian and religious divisions that, if not eventually mended, could destroy the chances of re-establishing a functioning social fabric in the future. Read More


Monaco’s Noghès Forms Cancer
Support Group for Diplomatic Spouses

a7.medical.cancer.noghes.homeEllen Noghès, the wife of Monaco’s ambassador in Washington, was diagnosed with cancer during three different postings — an experience that inspired her to reach out to diplomatic spouses who found themselves in a similar predicament. Read More