April 2014 Homepage

April 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

Former Military Man Becomes
Myanmar’s Reluctant Ambassador

a5.cover.myanmar.htut.homeKyaw Myo Htut makes no secret of it: He’s far more comfortable in a uniform than in a suit and tie. But the former military man is now Myanmar’s man in Washington, helping his once-isolated nation press ahead with its historic opening to the West. Read More 

People of World Influence

China Expert Says U.S. Needs
To Step Up Its Pivot in Asia

a1.powi.navy.economy.homeAs President Obama embarks on his long-planned (and twice-canceled) trip to Asia this month, Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations tells us what the visit means for America’s much-hyped Asia pivot. Read More

International Relations

Crimea: Failure of Diplomacy
Becomes Russian Fait Accompli

a2.crimea.protest.crowd.homeWhile Russia and the West deny competing for influence on a post-Cold War geopolitical chessboard, Ukraine certainly resembles a pawn in a zero-sum game where each side is pulling the country apart. Read More

International Affairs

Twenty Years After Its Genocide,
Rwanda Issues Plea: Never Again

a3.rwanda.genocide.victims.homeThis month, Rwanda marks 20 years since one of the 20th century’s most horrific genocides with a vow that history must not repeat itself. Read More

Death Penalty Divide

EU Withholds Lethal Drugs
To Protest U.S. Death Penalty

a4.eu.death.penalty.execution.homeAmericans and Europeans share common bonds, but our values are not the same, and no issue better illustrates the continental divide than the death penalty. Rad More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Debate Over Net Neutrality
Plays Out Across Atlantic

a6.net.neutrality.homeA flurry of developments in the longstanding legal battle between Internet providers and content creators has thrust consumers on both sides of the Atlantic into the highly technical and once obscure issue of net neutrality. Read More

Book Excerpt

The Second Arab Awakening
And the Battle for Pluralism

a7.book.muasher.arab.homeFormer Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher says the uprisings that breathed new life into the Arab world in 2011 were inevitable, but achieving the protesters’ goals is not. Read More

Book Review

Dulles Brothers: Puppet Masters
Of America’s ‘Secret World War?’

a8.book.review.dulles.homeAuthor Stephen Kinzer argues that the Dulles brothers, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and CIA Director Allen Dulles, waged a secret global war against communism that continues to fuel conflicts around the world today. Read More


The Age of Men: Research Shows
Father’s Biological Clock Matters

a9.medical.male.fertility.homeWomen are used to hearing about their biological clocks, but new research is showing that a father’s age can also have an impact on a child’s future health. Read More