December Homepage

December Homepage
Cover Story

Tunisia’s New Envoy Reflects
On Arab Spring, Five Years Later

a5.cover.tunisia.view.tunis.homeTunisia’s new ambassador looks back on the forces of change that his country unleashed five years ago this month — changes that have reverberated from Damascus to Cairo to Paris. Read More 

People of World Influence

Scholar’s Inside View of Iran
Informed by Time Behind Bars

a1.powi.haleh.esfandiari.homeYears of scholarly research and 105 days in solitary confinement in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison have informed Haleh Esfandiari’s insights into her native country and the region. Read More

Rise of the Right

Immigration, Insecurity Fuels
Rise of the Right in Europe before the recent migrant crisis and terrorist attacks in Paris, Europe’s populist parties were riding a wave of electoral successes. Read More

Syrian Refugees in U.S.

Obama’s Syria Refugee Plan:
Too Little or Too Much?

a3.syria.refugees.cold.homeThe White House’s announcement that it would welcome an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees next year was met with applause by aid groups but criticism in Congress that the plan could open the doors to radicalism. Read More

Disaster in Dominica

Tiny Dominica Seeks U.S. Help
To Rebuild After Erika’s Devastation was devastated by a tropical storm earlier this year, but now the hard part begins for the island’s ambassador: convincing distracted U.S. policymakers to care about the long-term rebuilding effort. Read More

Turki’s Tough Talk

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki Delivers
Stinging Rebuke to Inaction on Syria

a6.prince.turki.homePrince Turki al-Faisal, one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential and outspoken diplomats, says humanity is “criminally negligent” for not doing more forcefully to end the civil war in Syria. Read More

New Frontier: Cyberspace

U.S., China Wade Into Unchartered,
Territory of Defining Cyberspace cybersecurity agreement between China and the U.S. marks a rare inroad in the untamed and unregulated frontier of cyberspace. Read More

Diplomacy Verbatim: Beyond Diplospeak

In Principality of Liechtenstein,
It’s the Little Things That Count

a8.lichenstein.claudia.fritsche.homeThe Principality of Liechtenstein may be difficult to spell and pronounce, but at just 61 square miles, it’s an intriguing microstate in the heart of the Alps that is well worth getting to know. Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

Two New Apps Offer Tools
For Journalists in Conflict Areas new apps are trying to keep journalists in conflict zones safe. Read More


First Uterus Transplant
Planned in United States 

a10.medical.uterus.homeIn what could herald a breakthrough in infertility treatment and organ transplantation, doctors hope to transplant a uterus from a deceased donor into a woman without one.   Read More