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Egypt art exhibit at Meridian, British Queen’s Jubilee, Kemper and Dickinson’s engagement

Egypt art exhibit at Meridian, British Queen’s Jubilee, Kemper and Dickinson’s engagement
Egyptian Art Show at Meridian International Center

On June 16, Motaz Zahran, Egypt’s ambassador to the United States, hosted an art show for 16 Egyptian artists at Meridian International Center.  All 24 paintings and sculptures were flown in on Egypt Air flight for the Egyptian Contemporary Art Exhibition and will be displayed until July 7 before returning to Cairo.

“Tonight’s exhibition exemplifies art as a common language that transcends borders and overcomes prejudices,” said Ambassador Zahran. “The magnificent artwork on display has been crafted with affection by passionate Egyptian artists, both seasoned and rising stars, reflecting the richness of Egypt’s artistic scene.”

Ambassador Zahran proudly admitted that it was his wife Hala Elhusseiny Youssef’s idea to kick off the 100-year anniversary of the Egypt-U.S. diplomatic relations with an art show. “Today’s exhibition offers us a unique window into Egypt’s modern soul, providing us with a glimpse of an artistic and everlasting partnership between our two countries,” said Ambassador Zahran.

Exhibition curator Ingy Mohamed Mahmoud El-Hakim, who opened her own art gallery in Cairo to promote young and emerging artists, also spoke at the event.

Photos by Brando Gould

British Embassy celebrates The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

British Ambassador Dame Karen Pierce giving a speech at The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

On June 24, the British Embassy hosted a celebration to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

British Ambassador Dame Karen Pierce addressed the guests during the ceremony. “We are so grateful that so many friends from so many different walks of American and British life have joined us this evening,” Ambassador Pierce said.

The Ambassador recalled the first time The Queen came to the United States and Her Majesty’s presence during the UN’s very first meeting. “This is a unique occasion to be able to commemorate her 70 years of public service,” Ambassador Pierce said. “We really want to pay tribute to The Queen, but also to all those of you working in public service,” she continued.

Some of those in attendance included Daniel Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States; Marie-Hélène Mathey Boo Lowumba, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo; Marios Lysiotis, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus; Radovan Javorčík, Slovak Ambassador to the U.S.; Storm Horncastle, social secretary to the Vice President; Kate Sullivan, CNN White House reporter; Lieutenant General Walter E. Piatt, Director of the Army Staff, US Army; Marcus Switzer, Deputy Chief of Protocol US, Department of State; Steve Chenevey, Co-Anchor, Fox 5 D.C.

The guests enjoyed themed décor based on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and food of all four nations of the United Kingdom at the event.

Photos by Austin Tolchin

Kelsey Kemper Valentine and Max Dickinson’s engagement party

Coach Kathy Kemper, Kelsey Kemper Valentine, Joanne Ke Edelman, Christina Kemper Valentine

On May 20, several ambassadors attended the engagement party for Kelsey Kemper Valentine, the daughter of Coach Kathy Kemper and her lated husband, James Valentine.

Coach Kemper, the CEO and founder of the Institute for Education, hosts many events connecting the diplomatic community to U.S. government officials and leaders in technology.

David Edelman and Joanne Ke Edelman hosted the engagement party for Kelsey and Max on the  patio of their Northern Virginia house.

Among those in attendance were Jean-Arthur Régibeau, Ambassador of Belgium; Manasvi Srisodapol, Ambassador of Thailand; Arthur Sinodinos, Ambassador of Australia, and his wife, Elizabeth Sinodinos; Nicole Bintner-Bakshian, Ambassador of Luxembourg, and her husband, Doug Bakshain; Senator Larry Pressler; Jennifer Griffin, Fox News national security correspondent; Megan Smith, former Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

Kelsey and Max will be married in September, at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, California.


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