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February 2020 Homepage
Cover Story

Albania Progresses Since Communism,
But Now Journeys Past the Earthquake

a4.albania.flags.alps.homeIn 1979, the last time a major earthquake struck Albania, it was ruled by a paranoid Marxist dictatorship that considered the U.S. its greatest enemy. Today, after a recent temblor killed over 50 people, Albanian Ambassador Floreta Faber says her country will “do whatever it takes” to overcome a legacy of communism and corruption so it can not only rebuild stronger, but also continue to grow closer to the U.S. and EU. Read More

China Rebuke

Taiwan Sends Clear Message to China:
Don’t Interfere with Our Sovereignty

a1.taiwan.market.economy.china.homeOn Jan. 11, voters in Taiwan overwhelmingly re-elected its independence-leaning president in what was seen as a rebuke to China’s attempts to assert greater control over the self-ruled island, particularly in the wake of Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong. Read More

Messy Divorce

Northern Ireland Among Messy
Details of Britain’s EU Divorce


While the U.K. has finally exited the European Union, beginning a year of tough negotiations on a future trade deal with the bloc, the future of post-Brexit Northern Ireland is anything but resolved. Read More

5G Geopolitics

Special Report: 5G Race Heats Up
As U.S. Struggles to Catch China

a3.5G.huawei.expo.berlin.detail.home5G, the fastest internet speed achieved to date, is set to revolutionize our lives — and the world as we know it — so the development and deployment of this fifth-generation of super-fast connectivity has become a hotly contested geopolitical race between China and the U.S. Read More

Time to Celebrate

The Washington Diplomat Toasts
25 Years of Delivering Real News

c1.anniversary.diplomat.colombia.homeHundreds gathered at the residence of Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Washington Diplomat and ring in the holidays. Read More