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His Excellency Manuel Alfredo Espina Pinto


Manuel Espina is a recognized Guatemalan leader, whose career has revolved around the passion to help develop a prosperous Guatemala.

Espina for the past eleven years founded, together with a team of Guatemalan friends and leaders, the Guatemala Próspera organization. Under his leadership, Guatemala Próspera has developed projects of benefit to the country such as “Transformation is in me”, which along with Dr. John Maxwell has trained more than 228,000 people in Guatemala, moving them to rethink their conception of ethical and moral values. 

Taking advantage of his relationships with political and business leaders in Washington, DC, he has directed and organized several summits with the main political, business, religious and communicative leaders of Guatemala. These meetings have generated important initiatives of projects of benefit for the country.Ambassador Espina actively participates as a Latin American representative in the meetings that have taken place at “The Cedars”, where weekly ambassadors, diplomats and authorities from the countries represented in Washington, DC attend. These meetings have acquired a special significance in world politics for the important agreements that have been carried out there.

The experience he has as an entrepreneur is aimed at the high-end fashion trade where he has had the opportunity to interact and represent world class brands, and the development of real estate projects.Ambassador Espina is married to Mrs. Lisa Arizpe de Espina, who has two children, Anika and Juan Manuel.



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