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January 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

Central America: World’s Most
Dangerous Place Fights Back

a4.cover.map.homeIn an exclusive group cover, the ambassadors of Central America reflect on the violence that’s battering their region, making it one of the most dangerous places in the world. Read More

People of World Influence

Development Expert Offers Dose
Of Counterintuitive Optimism

a1.powi.kenny.homeThe developing world is typically framed as a land of misery, but Charles Kenny is out to prove that things aren’t as bad as they seem — and, in fact, are getting better every day. Read More

International Affairs

Two Years After Earthquake,
Haiti Lobbies for Investment

a2.haiti.clinton.homeTwo years after an earthquake plunged it into despair, Haiti’s new government is looking to the private sector to help the country rebuild and fundamentally rethink its future. Read More

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U.N. Downsizes Peacekeeping Mission

Rule of Law

Locked Up But Let Loose:
The Sorry State of Mexican Jails

a3.mexico.jails.homeBeneath Mexico’s tangle of problems lies an inescapable fact: Any effort to improve security will require putting more criminals behind bars — and keeping them there. Read More


First Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador
Reflects on Being ‘Fit to Serve’

a5.hormel.homeGay rights have come a long way, in large part because of people like James Hormel, who had to prove he was “fit to serve” as America’s first openly gay ambassador. Read More
Also See: Perils of Being Gay Around the World

Book Review

J Street Tries to Become
‘A New Voice for Israel’

a6.book.homeJeremy Ben-Ami, cofounder and president of J Street, continues to challenge Washington convention with “A New Voice for Israel: Fighting for the Survival of the Jewish Nation.” Read More


Cheaper Online Hearing Tests
Sound Great, But Not Worth Cost

a7.medical.hearingA new online hearing test that’s cheaper and more convenient sounds like a great idea, but it’s fallen on deaf ears in the medical community. Read More