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January 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

Indonesian Envoy Steps Down
In Long-Shot Bid for President

a4.ambassador.campaigning.homeDino Patti Djalal loves his current job as Indonesia’s ambassador to the U.S., but he’d love being president even more. “I very much enjoy the world of diplomacy … but this is a historic moment for Indonesia, and I’ve always wanted to go into politics,” the envoy told us in an exclusive interview. Read more 

People of World Influence

War Reporter Says Obama,
Military Need to Shape Up

a1.powi.ricks.homePulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas E. Ricks is a self-proclaimed fan of the military and of President Obama, but ask him about top brass and Obama’s performance as commander-in-chief and you’ll get an earful. Read More

Interpreters Speechless

Afghan, Iraqi Interpreters
Stuck in U.S. Visa Bottleneck

a2.interpreters.visas.shinwari.homeCongress is likely to extend programs that offer visas for Afghan and Iraqi interpreters who helped the U.S. war effort, but thousands have been left stranded in backlogs while facing danger back home. ReadMore

EU’s Future

Roadblocks, Speculation
Line Path to EU Membership

a3.euro.union.members.homeCroatia’s accession to the European Union gave its Balkan neighbors hope that they would be next, but the path to EU membership is lined with hurdles for each candidate country. Read More

Feeding the Hungry

Local, Global Charities
Help Feed the Hungry

a5.charities.food.poor.solar.homeAmbassadors normally seen at cocktail parties were slicing and dicing in the kitchen, hairnets and all, as part of a State Department effort to highlight local community service projects. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Bush Lawyer Wants Post-9/11
War Authorization Revised

a6.rotunda.bellinger.homeThe man who helped craft a sweeping post-9/11 terrorism law under the Bush administration is now pushing for that law to be updated — and reined in. Read More

Book Review

Bernanke’s Book Is Useful Primer
On Fed’s Efforts to Save Economy

a7.bernake.rotunda.homeBen Bernanke steps down as Fed chairman in January, the end of an eight-year tenure as the head of America’s central bank that’s been hugely consequential and unexpectedly controversial. Read More


The State of Statins:
Do Risks Add Up?

a8.medical.blood.homeA new cardiovascular risk calculator to determine if otherwise healthy patients should go on statins was released with much fanfare in November — and plenty of confusion. Read More