July Homepage

July Homepage
Cover Story

EU Envoy Juggles
Litany of Crises

a5.european.union.parliament.homeWith a migration crisis, the Ukraine crisis and eurozone crisis bearing down it, the once-exclusive club of the European Union is taking one hit after another. Read More 

People of World Influence

After Stellar Foreign Service Career,
Pickering Still Going Strong

a1.powi.pickering.homeFew modern-day diplomats have left as indelible a mark on the State Department as Thomas Pickering, and retirement has not dimmed the former envoy’s influence on issues ranging from Iran to Benghazi. Read More

Chilly Twitter Talk

Nordic Ambassadors Take to Twitter
For Freewheeling Talk on Arctic

a8.twiplomacy.twitter.homeOn a steamy summer day, Nordic envoys took to Twitter to discuss a chilly topic, the Arctic, in a history-making town hall meeting. Read More

Muslim Brotherhood’s Fate

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Struggles
To Recover After Spectacular Fall

a3.muslim.egypt.square.homeThe Muslim Brotherhood has fallen spectacularly in Egypt and around the region, but is the Islamist group really on its last legs? Read More

Greek Tragicomedy

Journalist Finds Self-Inflicted Wounds
Wandering ‘New Greek Ruins’

a4.greek.book.catastrophe.homeJames Angelos’s “The Full Catastrophe: Travels Among the New Greek Ruins” almost reads like a tragicomedy, if the real-life consequences of a Greek default weren’t so serious. Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

Northern Ireland Punches Above
Its Weight in Digital Diplomacy

a6.digital.stormont.parliament.ireland.homeThe Northern Ireland Bureau has walked a fine line navigating sensitive events back home and its larger union with the U.K. to carve out a social media niche for itself. Read More

Book Review

Amid Decline Debate, Nye Insists
American Century Is Far From Over

a7.dean.nye.century.portrait.homeJoseph Nye’s “Is the American Century Over?” argues that it is not, sorting through the bold claims and fuzzy thinking that pervade the debate about America’s role in the world. Read More


Why I’m Saying No
To Football for My Son

a8.medical.youth.football.homeAs a growing body of research establishes the long-term risks posed by repeated concussions, participation in elementary and high school football has taken a hit. Read More