June 2012 Homepage

June 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

 New Delhi’s Veteran Envoy:
‘The Old India Is Behind Us’

a4.india.ambassador.rao.home“The old India is behind us. You’re looking at a country in the 21st century,” proclaims New Delhi’s veteran envoy, Nirupama Rao, who is upfront about India’s impressive achievements, and the incredible challenges ahead for the world’s largest democracy. Read More

People of World Influence

USIP Keeping the Peace,
One Conflict at a Time

a1.powi.solomon.revised.homeAfter two protracted conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a war-weary America is ready for peace. And that’s precisely where the U.S. Institute of Peace can help, stepping in where soldiers and diplomats cannot go. Read More


Egyptians Vote, But Can They
Decide on a Path Forward?

a2.egypt.tahrir.revised.homeNearly a year and a half after Egyptians mobilized on the streets of Cairo, the revolution they began — and democracy for which they fought — is still very much a work in progress. Read More


New World Bank President
Embodies Its Gradual Evolution

a3.world.bank.kim.revised.homeThough change comes slowly at the World Bank, for the first time ever, a development expert is slated to lead the world’s largest development agency. Read More


Refuge or Refusal: How Easy Is It
To Get Asylum at U.S. Missions?

a5.chen.china.homeWhen blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng sought sanctuary in a U.S. embassy, he raised the thorny issue of whether America’s foreign missions can act as safe houses for the persecuted. Read More

Global Vantage Point

At Rio+20, U.S. Can Promote
Sustainable Energy for All

a6.rio.energy.ki-moon.revised.homeThere may be no appetite for new international commitments at a time of pressing domestic challenges, but there are still many politically feasible ways for the U.S. to help ensure sustainable energy for everyone on the planet. Read More


Prostate Cancer Screening:
Does It Help or Hurt Men?

a7.medical.prostate.doctor.rev.homeProstate cancer screening has been shown to be of little benefit for men over 75, although neither patients nor doctors seem to be getting the message. Read More