June Homepage

June Homepage
Cover Story

Hungary’s New Envoy Tries to Set
Record Straight About Her Boss

a5.cover.hungary.orban.viktor.home2For several years, Hungary’s relationship with the United States and European Union has been in a free fall, but the country’s new ambassador, Réka Szemerkényi hopes to put a stop to the bad blood. Read More 

People of World Influence

Ex-Envoy Sees Widening
Gulf-U.S. Divide on Security

a1.powi.gnhem.portrait.home2The Arab Spring and Iranian nuclear talks have unleashed a torrent of tangled alliances and bitter battles, and few experts understand these confusing turn of events than Edward “Skip” Gnehm Jr., a former U.S. envoy to Kuwait and Jordan. Read More

Wide Gulf

As Saudi Coalition Bombs Yemen,
Gulf Summit Yields Few Tangibles

a2.saudi.arabia.eurofighter.home2Lashing out at Washington’s perceived coziness with Iran, Saudi Arabia has begun flexing its military muscle, igniting a proxy war in Yemen that could plunge the region into more turmoil. Read More

Taking Down Drones

ACLU Lawsuit Seeks to Pry
Open Secretive U.S. Drone Policy

a3.drones.flight.home2Targeted drone killings remain intensely popular with Americans — not so much with other countries — but a lawsuit is hoping to pry open a policy that has been shrouded in secrecy. Read More

Elevating LGBT Rights

LGBT Rights Becomes Pillar
Of U.S. Foreign Policy

a4.gay.rights.ambassadors.home2The U.S. has a record number of openly gay ambassadors abroad (six), a sign of the Obama administration’s decision to elevate LGBT rights as a tenet of foreign policy. Read More

Women Ambassadors

Women’s Foreign Policy Group
Celebrates 20 Years of Gains

a6.women.foreign.policy.group.home2When the Women’s Foreign Policy Group was formed in 1995, Washington had barely a dozen female ambassadors. Today, as the group marks its 20th anniversary, there are double that amount, a sign that the proverbial glass ceiling has been chipped, but not broken. Read More

America’s Ambassadors

New Book Describes Good, Bad
And Ugly of ‘American Ambassadors’

a7.book.dennis.jett.cover.home2Dennis Jett’s richly detailed new book, “American Ambassadors,” offers fascinating insights into the world of U.S. diplomacy — the good, bad and the ugly. Read More

Twiplomacy Winners and Losers

Beyond 140 Characters: Twiplomacy
Survey Offers Lessons for Leaders

a8.twiplomacy.twitter.homeThe latest “Twiplomacy” study gauges the effectiveness of world leaders on Twitter and what it takes to have staying power on social media. Read More


New Cholesterol-Busting Drugs
Offer Potential Breakthrough

a9.medical.prescription.heart.homeA promising new class of cholesterol drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors is likely to make some dramatic changes in how cardiovascular disease is treated. Read More