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Letter to the Editor: Ecuador’s Response


Letter to the Editor: Ecuador’s Response

“As a sovereign country, Ecuador maintains diplomatic, economic, and commercial relations with nations all over the world. Like most countries in Latin America, we have diplomatic relations with Iran. In this context, President Correa welcomed President Ahmadinejad, and both leaders emphasized a mutually beneficial relationship. President Correa reiterated his convictions that military use of nuclear energy should be condemned.

I would have welcomed the opportunity to explain the policies of our government to the Washington Diplomat, but unfortunately Mr. Luxner cancelled our scheduled interview.”

— Ambassador of Ecuador Nathalie Cely Suárez

*Editor’s note: The Washington Diplomat went to press after reaching Ambassador Cely for comments and thus was unable to include her remarks in the article “Is Iran’s Latin ‘Tour of Tyrants’ Just a Desperate Flyby for Friends?”