May 2015 Homepage

May 2015 Homepage
Cover Story

Hong Kong Anxiously
Counts Down to 2017

a5.hong.kong.bauhinia.square.homeHong Kong’s “Umbrella Movement” may have died down, but the debate over whether the prized Chinese territory will be able to freely elect its leaders in 2017 is alive and well. Read More 

People of World Influence

Cuba Expert on Obama’s Détente
With One-Time Foe: It’s About Time

a1.powi.julia.sweig2.homeRespected scholar and author Julia Sweig says the historic thaw in hostilities between the U.S. and Cuba has removed a deep stain in Washington’s relations with Latin America. Read More

#Islamic State vs. State Department

State Department Wages Online War
To Blunt Islamic State’s Momentum

a2.isis.think.again.screenshot.homeThe U.S. is devoting more resources to countering the Islamic State’s toxic narrative online, but establishing credibility in the social-media sphere is but one part of a successful counterterrorism strategy. Read More

Russia’s Side of Story

Russia’s Defenders Try to Sell
Their Side of Ukraine Story

a3.russia.nato.stepanov.homeRussians, not surprisingly, have a very different narrative of Ukraine’s civil war and the provocations that led up to it, going back to the end of the Cold War 25 years. Read More

Waterway to Nowhere?

Waterway to Nowhere? Nicaragua
Banks on Chinese-Financed Canal

a4.nicaragua.volcanic.island.homeChina plans to bankroll what could become the world’s most expensive civil engineering project in a country where it doesn’t even have an embassy — just one of the many enigmas of the $50 billion Nicaragua Canal. Read More

Diplomacy on the Go

Freewheeling Statecraft:
Diplomats and Their Cars than 200 years after Benjamin Franklin, America’s first diplomat, arrived in France with what one observer called a “wreck of a carriage and three decrepit horses,” diplomats still worry about their wheels. What do their cars say about them and the country they represent? Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

Estonia’s E-Residency:
Newest Digital Must-Have?

a7.estonia.residency.homeEstonia’s “e-residency” program gives foreigners the innovative perks enjoyed by residents of this small Baltic country, known as the tech capital of Europe. Read More

PR 101

Public Relations Experts Help
Embassies Put Best Face Forward this information age, a good handle on public relations can make or break organizations — including embassies. And it’s not just about politics or brand promotion, but also the bottom line. Read More

Global Vantage Point Op-Ed

Abe Comes to Town Bringing
A Message: Japan Is Rising

a9.oped.japan.meeting.homeAfter 20 years of economic stagnation and a decade of political malaise, Shinzo Abe is trying to usher Japan back into the role of central actor on the world stage. Read More