May 2018 Homepage

May 2018 Homepage
Cover Story

Denmark’s First-Ever Ambassador
To Silicon Valley Tackles Big Tech

Casper Klynge, the world’s first tech ambassador, says his mission is more relevant than ever as big tech faces a growing “techlash” amid  controversies ranging from foreign meddling, fake news and widespread privacy breaches to accusations that the social media platforms meant to unite us are actually destroying our ability to connect as human beings. Read More

People of World Influence

Singapore’s ‘Undiplomatic
‘Diplomat’ Speaks His Mind

a1.powi.singapore.kausikan.homeThe prosperous city-state of Singapore isn’t like most other nations, and Bilahari Kausikan isn’t like most other diplomats. A former permanent secretary of foreign affairs, Kausikan talks candidly about President Trump, China, trade and “Western delusions” about democracy. Read More

In or Out?

Iran Nuclear Deal Reaches Pivotal
Moment as Trump May Ditch the Pact Trump must decide by May 12 whether to stay in the Iran nuclear agreement or scrap it, and his choice of John Bolton as national security adviser and Mike Pompeo as secretary of state increase the likelihood that he will abandon the landmark accord. But what happens next? Read More

Bolton of Lightening

Shrewd Operator, Controversial
Adviser Takes Reins at NSA

a3.bolton.speaking.acu.homeJohn Bolton’s resume is as long as it is polarizing. As the fiery former ambassador to the U.N. takes the reins of the National Security Agency, observers wonder whether Bolton will reinforce President Trump’s hawkish impulses on Iran and North Korea, or if the savvy bureaucratic operator will succeed where H.R. McMaster failed. Read More

Iraq’s Unstable Peace

Parliamentary Elections Will Test
War-Torn Iraq’s Democratic Progress

a4.iraq.terrorism.trump.abadi.homeThere are myriad forces, both internal and external, preventing Iraq from achieving stability. It’s not an impossible goal, but it will require savvy political management to keep the various factions of society from turning on one another, plus continued support from other countries. Read More

The Revolution Marches On

Tunisia’s Democratic Experiment
Enters New Phase with Local Elections

a6.tunisia.spices.homeThe early optimism of the Arab Spring has since dimmed, as the revolutionary protests led to chronic instability in places like Yemen and Libya, the rise of a new authoritarian regime in Egypt and a bloodbath in Syria. Except in Tunisia. The country has clung to its initial hopes to enact reforms. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-Ed: U.S. Must Build on Its Diverse
Cultures, Including Puerto Rico

a7.puerto.rico.protesters.homeThe U.S. national agenda calls for a discussion on the changing composition and nature of its population. Today, minority groups make up 35 percent of the entire population. If current growth patterns of minorities continue, the U.S. will be made up entirely of minorities by 2050. Read More