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November 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

After Gaza, What’s Next
For the Palestinians?

a5.plo.israeli.barrier.ramallah.homeDespite the sorry state of affairs in the Middle East, Maen Rashid Areikat, the Palestinians’ representative in Washington, refuses to give up on his dream of an independent Palestine, a dream that has fascinated and frustrated the global consciousness for more than 66 years. Read More 

People of World Influence

U.S. Army Commander Optimistic
About Afghanistan’s Future

a1.powi.eikenberry.soldier.homeKarl Eikenberry was America’s point man for Afghanistan during the worst of times, and despite the political turmoil it recently endured, he believes better times can still be ahead for the beleaguered country. Read More

Iran Spoilers

Array of Spoilers Could
Derail Iran Nuclear Talks

a2.iran.spoilers.group.homeAs the critical talks over Iran’s nuclear program reach their self-imposed deadline this month, there are plenty of players — from Congress to Israel to Iran itself — that wouldn’t mind if the negotiations went nowhere. Read More

Tug of War

Obama, Congress Debate Legality
Of War Against Islamic State

a3.war.powers.cockpit.homeCongress is having buyer’s remorse after giving President Bush wide legal latitude to wage a war against terrorism after the 9/11 attacks, now that President Obama is stretching that authorization to fight the Islamic State. Read More

Rise of the Right

Israel’s Peace Movement Withers
As Ultra-Orthodox Jews Gain Strength

a4.israel.right.shemesh.homeA wave of soul-searching has swept Israel, as ultra-Orthodox Jews increasingly clash with country’s secular majority, far-right parties gain steam and the peace movement is relegated to the political wilderness. Read More

MHz Networks

MHz Marks 20 Years of Bringing
Global Programming to U.S. Audiences

a6.mhz.networks.monitors.homeForeign coverage is often the first victim of downsizing by the news media industry, but one outlet has stepped into the void by steadily increasing its foreign content over the past 20 years. Read More

No Parking Here

Some Diplomats Get Free Ride
By Skipping Out on Parking Tickets

a7.parking.tickets.diplomats.homeParking is a pain. Some diplomats avoid the problem altogether by skipping out on their parking tickets. Who are the worst offenders? And can anything be done to get them to pay up? Read More