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September 2014 Homepage

September 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

Malaysia Picks Up Pieces After
Back-to-Back Plane Tragedies

a5.cover.malaysia.crash.homeVeteran politician Awang Adek Hussin had barely eased into his new position as Malaysia’s ambassador when the impossible happened: A second Malaysia Airlines jet had fallen out of the sky. Read More 

People of World Influence

Mideast Expert Offers Cold Dose
Of Reality on Region’s Problems

a1.powi.aaron.miller.homeAaron David Miller offers a cold, clear-eyed dose of reality when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Middle East in general — a pessimism born of extensive experience. Read More

Syria on Backburner

Syria’s Slow-Motion Humanitarian
Disaster Falls Off Media Radar

a2.syria.children.tent.homeSyria may have faded from the front pages of American news outlets, but the country’s humanitarian catastrophe shows no signs of slowing down. Read More

Central American Quandary

Central American Diplomats Urge
Compassion in Child Migration Crisis

a3.central.america.children.home.storyCentral America has become the new center of gravity in the polarized debate over immigration, but there are no easy fixes to a problem that has deep-seeded roots on both sides of the border. Read More

Africa’s Moment to Shine

Behind Fanfare of Africa Summit
Lie Questions About Messaging

a4.africa.summit.kerry.homeNearly 50 African heads of state descended on D.C. last month for an unprecedented summit that sought to cast the continent in a new light — despite the specter of old problems. Read More

Tea Party Target

Ex-Im Chief, U.S. Businesses,
Try to Save Beleaguered Bank

a6.export.import.bank.hochberg.homeTea party Republicans have made shutting down the Export-Import Bank a cause célèbre despite the fact that American businesses say it helps them compete in an increasingly globalized world. Read More

Ambassador Backlog

Senate Partisan Gridlock Leaves
America Without Ambassadors

a7.ambassador.backlog.senate.homePartisan sniping in Congress has kept the United States from filling key ambassador posts around the world. Read More


Doctors Not Making Maximum
Use of Minimally Invasive Surgery

a8.medical.laproscopic.surgery.homeMore than two decades after it revolutionized surgery and helped millions of patients recover more quickly, minimally invasive surgery is still being underused at U.S. hospitals despite its proven benefits. Read More