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October 2013 Homepage
Cover Story

Iraq: Powder Keg
Waiting to Explode?

a5.iraq.faily.homeIn the two and a half months since Lukman Faily took over as Iraq’s ambassador, suicide bombers, explosive-laden cars and armed fighters have killed nearly 3,000 Iraqis, pushing the country back to the brink of civil war. Read More

People of World Influence

Holliday Nurtures Leadership
As Helm of Meridian Center

a1.powi.holliday.homeWhen Stuart Holliday took the reins of the Meridian International Center, the organization was well established but falling short of its potential. Seven years later, he’s lifted it to new heights. Read More

Pay Up Argentina

U.S. Response to Debt Debacle:
Don’t Cry for Argentina

a2.argentina.main.homeA U.S. court recently ordered Argentina to repay a group of investors that has waged a relentless campaign to paint Buenos Aires as a fiscal deadbeat. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Bullies and Beacons: What Drives
Senate Foreign Relations Chair

a3.rotunda.menendez.portrait.homeSenate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Robert Menendez talks to us about Syria, 9/11, American power abroad, immigration at home, and his own life as a first-generation American. Read More

Pakistani Counterterrorism

Pakistani Government
Takes Aim at Terrorism

a4.pakistan.terrorism.kerry.homeFor years, Pakistan dilly-dallied between proclaiming that terrorism was its greatest problem to blaming the “war on terror” for all its problems. But now the government is trying to develop a counterterrorism strategy. Is it too little too late? Read More

Forgotten Failed State

Black Hole in Heart of Africa:
West Turns Blind Eye to CAR

a6.central.african.republic.water.homeThe Central African Republic is a black spot on the map in the heart of Africa — and a blimp that barely registers with the outside world. Read More

Book Review

One of Washington’s Own Takes
No Prisoners in ‘This Town’

a7.book.this.town.home“This Town” pops the Beltway bubble with its acerbic take on Washington’s insider culture (written, of course, by the penultimate insider). Read More


Patients: You Better Shop Around
To Avoid Sickening Sticker Shock

a8.medical.costs.homeThe true costs of medical care in the U.S. are being revealed, and the sticker shock is enough to send patients reeling. Read More