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September 2012 Homepage

September 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

Haiti’s New Envoy Wants
Investment Dollars, Not Pity

a5.haiti.ambassador.altidor.homePaul Altidor takes on his first public sector job as Haiti’s new envoy, but he’s looking to the private sector to rebuild his homeland, whose future he says depends on business and investment, not handouts and pity. Read More

People of World Influence

CFR Scholar: U.N. Relevant,
But Syria Impasse Reveals Flaws

a1.powi.patrick.homeSyria is a painful reminder of the limits of U.N. power, but Stewart Patrick of the Council on Foreign Relations argues that’s no reason to abandon the world body, however imperfect it may be. Read More

International Affairs

America’s ‘Drug Czar’:
Legalization Not the Answer

a2.kerlikowske.podium.homeAmerican drug czar R. Gil Kerlikowske admits there “are no simple answers to the global drug issue,” but he adamantly rules out one proposed answer: legalization. Read More


U.N. General Assembly
Punctuated By Wrangling

a3.united.nations.general.assembly.homeThe U.N. General Assembly is filled with plenty of tedium and the occasional silliness, but behind the scenes, some important diplomatic work actually gets done as well. Read More


Rice Re-Establishes U.S.
Presence at United Nations

a4.susan.rice.un.speaker.homeAfter the acrimony of the Bush years, Susan Rice has mended fences at the U.N., but the undiplomatic diplomat has been unapologetic in championing U.S. interests at the world body. Read More


State Department Eyes Walter Reed
To Be D.C.’s Next Embassy Enclave

a6.walter.reed.sign.homeThe Walter Reed Army Medical Center is set to become D.C.’s newest embassy enclave in the next few years. Read More


Web Service Lets People
Crack Their Genetic Codes

a7.medical.dna.genome.homeWant your personal genome sequenced? All you need is a few hundred bucks, some spit and an Internet connection. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-Ed: Untangling
The Greek Gordian Knot

a8.oped.greece.economy.homeNikos Chrysoloras argues that Greek society is at the breaking point and if it snaps, the pain will be felt throughout the eurozone. Read More