August 2012 Homepage

August 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

London to the World:
Let the Games Begin

a4.profile.ambassador.westmacott.homeBritish Ambassador Peter Westmacott’s homeland is basking in the limelight, with all eyes on London for a royal wedding, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and now the 2012 Summer Olympics. Read More

People of World Influence

From Immigrants’ Daughter
To Nation’s Top Jobs Official

a1.powi.solis.homeAs labor secretary, Hilda L. Solis is reaching out to embassies to protect the rights of all workers in the U.S., while tackling the joblessness that’s undercutting the economy. Read More


Diplomat Special Report:
Climate Change Heats Up

a2.climate.island.homeAlthough scientists caution against directly linking global warming with extreme weather events, they say climate change is clearly making such events far more frequent, likely and intense. Read More

Bangladesh: The Ground Zero of Climate Change

Equador: Eco-Ingenuity Helps Ecuador Forgo Oil Profits

Small Island Nations: Warn of Climate-Triggered Extinction

Central America: Weather Patterns Spell Grim Forecast


Embassy Protests Make Noise,
But Do They Make a Difference?

a3.embassies.protest.homeEmbassies are a magnet for protests — from the political to the outlandish — but do these demonstrations actually do anything other than make noise? Read More

Diplomacy/Multilateral Summits Think Big,

But Produce Little More Than Talk

a5.summits.G20.homeThis summer has become summit season with a bevy of multilateral meetings recently, but does anything concrete ever come out of these international powwows? Read More


U.S. Foreign Service Officer
Blacklisted for Scathing Exposé writing a tell-all on the State Department’s Iraqi rebuilding effort and alienating his employers, Peter Van Buren is fighting to keep the job he’s had for two dozen years. Read More