August 2016 Homepage

August 2016 Homepage
Cover Story

Bogotá on Verge of Clinching Historic
Reconciliation with FARC Rebels

a4.cover.colombia.police.homeColombians love a good party, and in a year stained by terrorism, South America’s second-most populous country has finally given the world something to celebrate. On June 23, Bogotá signed a historic ceasefire with FARC rebels that could end the longest armed conflict in Latin American history and cement Colombia’s transformation from a violence-plagued narco state to a stable emerging market. Read More

People of World Influence

Scholar Argues West Ignores ‘Islamic
Exceptionalism’ at Its Own Peril

a1.powi.hamid.homeThe mainstream debate over Islam in the West tends to center on moderate versus radical, with a heavy dollop of terrorist talk thrown into the mix. Author Shadi Hamid argues that Western societies are missing a big part of the picture, and that Islam as a political force shouldn’t be underestimated. Read More

Olympic Regrets

As Brazil Racks Up Bills, Many Cities
Say Games Aren’t Worth Costs’s seen as a glittering prize, having your city be the focus of global attention as the host of the Olympic Games. But after the races have been run, the shots put and the hurdles jumped, does the prize still shine? When all that’s left are dusty stadiums and a bill as long as the gold medal javelin winner’s throw, does hosting the Olympics still add up to victory? Read More

Beyond Benghazi

State Department Moves to Protect
Diplomats, Aid Workers Overseas Democrats and Republicans bicker over what really happened in Benghazi nearly four years ago, the State Department has quietly revamped its guidelines for protecting U.S. diplomats as well as employees of NGOs in overseas danger zones. Read More

Brexit Blues

Done Right, Referendums Educate.
Done Wrong, They’re Brexit Britain, one referendum led to unprecedented political instability, casting an unflattering light on the dangers of democracy unleashed. On June 23, over 17 million British citizens voted to sever the United Kingdom from the European Union, plunging the U.K. into the unknown. The stunning “Brexit” result prompted a litany of questions like ‘What happens next?‘ Read More

Sidebars: Post-Brexit Breakup Details and Boris, Britain’s Undiplomatic Top Diplomat

Guatemala’s Firsts

Country’s First Female Envoy to U.S.
Tackles Migration, Impunity, Poverty

a6.guatemala.ruiz.homeMarithza Ruiz de Vielman, a lawyer and former foreign minister, recently arrived in Washington as Guatemala’s first-ever female ambassador to the United States. And as the representative here of Central America’s most populous country, Ruiz takes her new job seriously. Read More

U.S. Views on Muslims

Survey Finds Surprising Rise in
American Support for Muslims

a7.shibley.telhami.mosque.homeA surprising new poll shows American attitudes toward Muslims and their faith have progressively improved since last November, despite the June 12 attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando that killed 49 people in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Read More